Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Enterprises TV and How Employee Happiness Affects the Bottom Line

Does employee happiness affect the business’ bottom line? Enterprises TV dives into the question to find out if satisfied workers can help companies meet objectives and earn a profit.

The ease of hiring, firing and changing jobs is a main factor in the relationship between employee satisfaction and business success. In countries where labor markets are more flexible, it is especially true. When a company spends money to make and keep all workers happy, it can attract more productive workers from other firms. But if the labor market us not that flexible, workers have a harder time changing jobs and employers and the there is less spending to keep employees happy and in their jobs. Almost every hiring manager knows that is costs more money to run an prospective workers through the hiring process – whether it is done in-house or outsourced.

In the U.S., workers are more or less treated like a cog in the wheel of the company rather than for the valued input they provide to the business every day. The only thing that matters is the bottom line. While there are varied levels of employee satisfaction, companies that discount worker satisfaction may lose out in the marketplace. Enterprises TV suggests American businesses find creative and useful ways to increase employee happiness and satisfaction. If not, the end result may be that more money is spent on hiring all over again.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Enterprises TV on the Three Ways to Sabotage Finances

There are three ways to completely ruin any chance of saving for the future or for an emergency. Below, we will share how to avoid them and have a more healthy financial life.

Many people live off of their credit cards when times get tough and jobs are lost. This seems like the only way to pay bills, buy groceries and manage. But when all of the cards are maxed out and there is no way to pay down the balance, Enterprises TV knows this adds more financial stress to one’s life. Plus, the cards keep accruing a higher amount owed due to the rising interest rate. To avoid this, start paying off one card at a time. When one card is clear, make it the only card to use. Then, start paying off the others.

Spending more than one earns falls into the above category but can also hinder any meaningful chance to improve personal finances. It’s easy to find and buy a pair of new pants and then find three shirts to go with it. To avoid overbuying, track spending for a month to see where money is being spent.

The Enterprises TV show hopes to share useful personal financial suggestions with fans. There are days when we will all need savings for emergencies, retirement and to have a good credit score when we’re ready to invest in a home or new vehicle.  And we also love hearing from readers what steps you take to save money or how you were able to afford a major purchase. Please feel free to share.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Enterprises TV Asks: How Safe Are We, Even in Big, Public Places?

Enterprises TV has reported on the security of your computer, your home or your workplace.  But what about large, public places?  Dams, bridges, sports arenas, shopping malls.  How safe are they?  Even with as many eyes scrutinizing these places around the clock, is it really easy to protect them from vandalism, or worse, terrorism?  Recent stories of armed assailants attacking massive shopping complexes around the world raise concerns on the domestic front.  Any massive gathering of people for ceremonies, celebrations or even sporting events involve a massive security undertaking.  The concern is that for anyone wishing to drive home a message, the bigger, more outlandish assault they can mount, the better.

Enterprises TV notes a recent prank may bring home the truth about the general lack of security in public places.

The Enterprises TV show notes that authorities charged with protecting the Brooklyn Bridge discovered with horror, earlier this week, that the two massive American flags that usually flutter atop the main towers had been replaced overnight with two white flags.  The universal sign for surrender.  But surrender of what, and to whom?  Authorities are not amused by this prank, which was fortunately harmless, but might just as easily have been otherwise.  The city of New York is flabbergasted as to how someone climbed those towers, which is not easily done, without anyone in the bridge traffic or security cameras witnessing the act.  Even since the events of September 11, 2001, America does not screen 100% of the cargo that comes into the country, while power stations and water treatment plants are left poorly guarded.  This intense concern, even over a minor prank, is justified.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Enterprises TV Reminds Older Readers to Stay Active

It seems like the older we get the less active we become. And sometimes after retirement, we slow down so much that it is hard to get started again. Enterprises TV reminds readers to stay active with a few helpful suggestions.

Move. Movement is essential to staying active. Get up and take walks, go dancing, play golf, or do any favorite physical activity. This keeps joints loose and not stiff, helps maintain balance and promotes endurance.

Read. Read the newspaper, magazines, books, e-books or anything else to keep the mind active. Take a class at a lifelong learning center found at many local colleges and universities. Try not to let the mind rest too long.

Learn. Learn something new. Enterprises TV believes we are never too old to learn something new. Learn how to play the piano, learn a new language, learn how to blog or anything else that one finds challenging and fun.

Socialize. Organize or join a book club. Plan a luncheon with friends. Meet new people at community events. Socializing is important to someone who lost their spouse. Invite singles out with everyone else. The key to staying active as we get older is to not stop doing what we love. Sure we may slow down a bit. But we can still be active everyday. Exercise mind and body for a longer and more fulfilling life.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Enterprises TV on How to Deal with a Travel Disruption

The sudden and unexpected cancellation of flights to and from Israel in light of the ongoing war there leaves many business and pleasure travelers in a lurch. How does one manage a travel disruption when they need to get home from a far away country? Enterprises TV has some suggestions.

Business travelers might have the luxury of using a company-paid credit card to re-book another flight on another airline out of the country where they are stranded. Pleasure travelers might not have the same option. Booking a ticket on another airline that is not cancelling flights is very costly. There are options available to people who wish to travel far from home and in countries where civil strife is rampant.

Travel insurance covers many things such as lost or damaged luggage and change of airlines and flights in case of civil unrest. American Embassies can be helpful for travelers stuck overseas. Major credit card companies like American Express and Citibank can also be helpful for cardholders and even have travel-related services for members.

The Enterprises TV show suggests travelers download apps and international phone numbers for their airlines, credit card companies and travel insurance companies before leaving the United States. American airline companies may offer a travel voucher to re-route passengers or offer a full refund for travel. There are many options for people whose travel has been disrupted. Be sure to research all options.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Enterprises TV with Suggestions on Alternative Methods of Rewarding Employees

What does a company do when the vast majority of its staff receives commissions and the rest do not? Does the company offer any incentive to retain loyal, hard-working employees? Enterprises TV offers suggestions about how to reward employees who are not on commission.

A small percentage of American businesses are employing a salary review process where workers may receive a quarterly raise. Others offer no annual or semi-annual performance review and no pay raises. So how is a worker supposed to know how well they are doing if there are no reviews? And how does it make them feel when there is no incentive to do better?

Companies who cannot afford to give raises can offer non-financial rewards for hard-working staff such as flex time, work from home two or three days a week, or even gifts cards for gas and groceries. Businesses which can give employees financial rewards might want to find a way to reward everyone and not just those who make a commission on a sale. The Enterprises TVshow learns there are some small tech companies which reward employees financially every quarter for a job well done. Take time to meet today with managers to find a way to reward employees who consistently meet goals and work hard. Almost every worker deserves some type of performance reward whether it a raise, bonus or the opportunity to tele-commute two or three times a week.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Enterprises TV Offers Tips for Businesses in Earthquake Regions

Earthquakes can happen at any time of the day or night. They can be minor causing very little damage or major and cause millions of dollars in damage. Enterprises TV shares some tips for businesses about how to prepare for the possibility of an earthquake.

Chances are the earth has already moved a little. It is when it moves a lot that one should know if their business is located in a sensitive area. Fracking is causing more earth movements in states where there are typically no earthquakes. Take care  now to secure expensive equipment and make an emergency plan for employees.

Remind staff to back up files to company servers at the end of every business day.
Secure shelves with lashes.
Be sure there are no table lamps that could fall and hit someone.
Add latches to all cabinets to prevent them from opening should an earthquake occur.
Meet with managers to create and review safety guidelines for employees. This should include: where to drop, cover and hang on.
Send employees home if there is any structural damage at all.
Set up a call chain so they can call managers and let them know if their homes and families are okay.
It is common knowledge that staff will be more likely to return to work if they know everything is okay.
EnterprisesTV reminds readers that aftershocks are normal after a quake and can be minor.

There is nothing more unsettling than the earth moving under your feet and the building shaking or rolling with it. Preparation is the key to surviving one.

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