Thursday, April 23, 2015

Enterprises TV Offers Tips to Get Out of Debt

A recent survey of roughly 2,000 Americans by NerdWallet found that about 56 percent of the people who responded carried credit card debt averaging over six thousand dollars.  Enterprises TV shares tips on how to get out of debt.

Many people carry several credit cards in their wallets. They’re used for a variety of purchases such as gas, groceries, and small emergencies like car repair. But eventually, the balance keeps going up until there it seems like it will take a long time to pay it off. Below are some tips for getting out of credit card debt without sacrificing lifestyle choices too much.

Set realistic financial goals. Total all the card balances and make a plan to pay down the debt monthly. The amount can be the minimum to start with and can grow over time as more debt is paid and more money is free. Use an online financial planner or a spreadsheet and watch the balances shrinking.

Pay yourself first. Set up automatic transfer of funds to savings or retirement accounts. Every little bit helps. Add up the monthly savings shown on store receipts and deposit that amount to accounts.

Downsize the major expenses. Opt for a more affordable gym. Make coffee at home instead of stopping at the coffee shop where a small cup of regular joe can cost $5.00. Eat at home instead of going out. Bring lunch to work. Go to a matinee movie instead of an evening movie.

The Enterprises TV show suggests finding ways to increase monthly income. Walk the dogs in your neighborhood. These caregivers can make $15 an hour or more if they walk more than one dog. Go online and find part-time work. There are great resources for people in many different fields that have good pay rates. Use that earned income to pay down debt and work toward a financial goal that used to seem far off.

It takes time and patience to get out of debt. A few small emergencies put on credit cards can add up if not paid off before the billing date. Stick to it and soon feel the freedom of not being in debt.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Enterprise TV Show Offers Sustainable Business Tips

As Earth Day 2015 approaches, the Enterprises TV show offers tips to make businesses more sustainable and Eco-friendly.

There are a great many steps business owners can take to ensure business as a whole and the workplace are environmentally sound and sustainable for the future. The amount of effort and money invested in green practices is dependent on what wants to be accomplished. In many cases, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to make a few swaps in the office or warehouse.

  • Keep shipping boxes and reuse them.
  • Choose recycled paper products versus others.
  • Swap standard bathroom fixtures with low-flow toilets and motion-sending faucets.
  • Bring in your own coffee mug to use instead of paper cups, which when thrown out, fill and landfills. 
  • Set all computers, printers, scanners, etc on energy settings and plug them into a power strip. Turn the power strip off in the evening.
  • Store all files if possible on storage drives or on the Cloud. Don’t print anything that does not need printing. Files for presentations can be emailed to participants instead of printed and handed out.
  • Open the blinds and let the sunshine in. It boosts mood and productivity, as well as save on overhead florescent lights.
  • Speaking of which: the Enterprises TV show also suggests replacing florescent lights with compact florescent lights or even the lower-energy using LED lights.

Find more imaginative ways to save energy and adopt sustainable business practices. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Enterprises TV and Which Industries Should Run Credit Checks

Job applicants can attest to the number of times someone asks them to sign a form allowing a credit check.  This is mostly a standard practice in American hiring practices.  EnterprisesTV reviews which industries should run the credit check.

A credit check should be run if someone applies and is interviewed for a job handling money or finances of any kind. Businesses should not be permitted to run a credit check for positions that have nothing to do with money whatsoever – like writing. In fact, job applicants should be aware of who is asking for the credit check and why it needs to be run.  Even though some companies ask applicants to sign a form allowing a credit check, sometimes they are not run at all. So why ask?

Employers may be looking for patterns of the prospective employee not managing money well. A person’s credit score is not useful to most hiring managers.  What a credit report shows is how well someone is managing that part of their financial life. The Enterprises TV show notes that when possible new employers run credit checks, they are considered a soft hit on the report – and not ding credit scores.

Credit report checks should only be run on applicants who are the top candidates for hire and those who will be handling money and finances, and are responsible for data security.  People interviewing for jobs should review their credit reports regularly.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show on Trends in Senior Living

Baby Boomers and older folks are finding some great options in senior living. The Enterprises TV show shares the current trends in senior living.

Whether someone is considering moving to a new state, a new, smaller home, or paying off their current mortgage, Boomers and seniors are finding better the best options for their lifestyles.

Home equity is a valuable financial resource for people soon to retire or have retired.  In order to free up more money for wants and needs, some people are selling their homes and moving into smaller ones or to more affordable states or neighborhoods. This gives the retired couple or person, the cash flow they need to pay for travel or sudden medical expenses.

Smaller communities where folks can walk to and from stores and events are also popular. Other options for those who do not wish to hop in a car are neighborhoods where only golf carts can be driven. The convenience of this is its charm.

The Enterprises TV show has also seen people who are close to retirement age and those who have recently retired stay in their same homes with the mortgage paid off. They’ll renovate homes to make them easier to live in and safer. They’ll ditch older appliances and opt for the newer, more energy efficient ones.

Senior living is no longer about retirement communities. It is more about living someplace where friends and family are close, and where it is more affordable and convenient for their every day needs.  

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Enterprises TV and the Spring Cleaning of Personal Finances

Spring is typically the time of year when people clean out every closet and corner of the house. Enterprises TV thinks this is the best time to spring clean personal finances also.

As long as all the paperwork and documents are out to be sorted, why not comb through insurance policies to be sure everything that needs coverage has it. This includes upgrading or downgrading policies to better fit current lifestyles.  Be sure to also review auto, health and life insurance policies too.

Check credit reports for errors and make any submissions for corrections. Download and keep a copy of all reports with backup paperwork. Shred old credit reports and credit card statements.

Financial accounts such as banking and investment accounts also need some spring cleaning. Review each statement if not already doing so for any suspicious charges. Most fraudulent charges are made in small amounts to avoid being spotted. If not caught, more damage could be done to the account and money can be lost and not recovered.

The Enterprises TV show also suggests beefing up savings and retirement accounts with automatic transfer of funds from one account to these others. Work through household budgets with significant others to find what works best.

Take time this spring to clean up more than homes and outdoor areas. Tidy personal finances too.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Reveal How Security Breaches Occur

People have been working on computers for more than 30 years. Corporate system networks have connected them, and later connected them to the outside world. The Enterprises TV show reveals where most corporate security breaches occur.

A recent survey by one of the giants in the IT industry found that the most security breaches occur with human error. This means by accident and not maliciously.  Company policies are implemented to prevent breaches, but human judgment can sometimes breach that. Employees at every level of an organization can accidentally open malware infected programs. Businesses are also at fault for not keeping up to speed on new threats or spending enough money (if they have it) on tighter network controls. Enterprises TV also notes that companies which have BYOD or Bring-Your-Own-Device policies can also bring network security issues to the forefront. Chances are better that those devices are better protected than the ones companies provide.

Security breaches are becoming a more common reality today. Hack attempts and attacks are planned and implemented by those who know what they want to hit. Businesses of all sizes should take every affordable step to protect all data. Commercial insurance companies are insisting companies adhere to tighter security practices. And states are now requiring companies to disclose when a cyber attack happens.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Enterprises TV on the Perks of Good Benefits

Modern times call for modern benefits. Enterprises TV reviews which benefits mean the most to the employees who give it their all every day.

Most offices and workspaces have ditched the dark, cold cubicle floor plan and give employees a bright and comfortable place to work. This inspires creativity and generally makes people feel happy about being there. It also helps to have a decent paycheck and affordable health and dental insurance. But there’s more to a good benefits package than that.

Flexible work schedules as well as the opportunity to telecommute when necessary are also becoming major components to valuable programs. A study recently conducted found that job satisfaction and benefits go hand in hand. The MetLife’s U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Survey interviewed company benefit decision makers and an equal number of full-time employees. They found that working professionals were twice as likely to be satisfied with their work if there benefits were good.

The EnterprisesTV show notes that a benefits package is more than just the standard health insurance. A good package should have options for taking part in a retirement plan. It should also include a good paid time off policy, which does not lump sick days with vacation days. Loyal employees will stay in their jobs if they also have the ability to work a flexible schedule and work from home when needed.  Before accepting a new job, explore the benefits offered by the company. This can usually be found online.