Monday, May 23, 2016

Enterprises TV Reviews the Top Expenses in Retirement

Many people have calculated how much money they think they will need in retirement. However, there are some expenses which are often not figured in because they are variable and not fixed. What are they?

Enterprises TV staff recently looked into a report which reviews the top expenses Americans have in retirement.

Topping the list is healthcare. It is no surprise that this cost will rise as people age. Medical and other health issues will crop up the older the population becomes, therefore, triggering rising expenses. It is also noted that while other expenses went down in retirement, healthcare went up. Expect premiums and out—of-pocket expenses to go up.

Housing costs may go up also. Even if someone who is retired chooses to downsize their living arrangements and lifestyle, the cost of doing so can be heavy. This is more so if the retired person wishes to move into a senior retirement home or community or needs assisted living services. Annual costs for these facilities are not cheap, and if meals and medical care are needed, the cost can go up.

Utilities will more than likely go up in retirement. This is mainly due to inflation and the cost of retail energy prices. The current projections have the cost of electricity going up by 18 percent by 2040.

It can be a real challenge to calculate and determine how much money we’ll need during retirement. Monthly living expenses are likely to change over time, and go up. The Enterprises TV show suggests working with a trusted financial adviser to determine a reasonable plan for the future.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Enterprises TV Examines What Investors Look for in Start-Ups

Nearly all start-up business owners hope to find an investor for their new venture. There is plenty of potential out there. Know what investors look for in funding a start-up.

Good leadership and management.  The number one aspect of any new business investment is an exceptional management team. Teams should have integrity, clarity, a clear focus on strategy, professionalism and determination. Management should be committed to be in it for the long haul and not for short-term success.

Return on investment, or ROI, is another major factor investors look at before funding a start-up. Some angel investors may be expecting a financial return, and others may hope the return is for a more altruistic factor.  The major social and environmental issues of the times are on the minds of everyone, including those wish to help a new business get off the ground and make a difference.

No matter what kind of new business one launches, Enterprises TV reminds readers that it impact matters. The start-up owner should know how their new venture will make an impact, what solution it provides the immediate community and world community, and how they will manage to accomplish it. Investors want and need more than just a great new idea before funding a new enterprise.  They look for strong and ethical leadership, business acumen, and real world solutions.

All that said, entrepreneurs also hope to find angel investors with integrity, vision, business expertise and professionalism. The new business owner will do their own due diligence on the investor and the companies that person operates or has run.  The business of investing in a start-up and accepting the funding is a two-way street. Successful angel investing starts and ends with a good, working business relationship based on transparency, integrity and professionalism.  It’s out there. 


Monday, May 16, 2016

Enterprises TV Relays Business Growth Tips

Growing business may seem like a matter of increasing sales and revenue, but it is often much more than that.

Business growth is a constantly changing goal that every entrepreneur must contend with. Growth milestones can be set in place before the business’ doors first open, but then are moved as challenges and new goals are set in place. Enterprises TV recommends some steps to consider and discuss with business partners:

Hire the right people. These are the people who will do what needs to be done and not worry about whose job it is. They will be all in on the business’ mission. Get to know your staff before hiring them. There will be no surprises later. A fully committed team can help entrepreneurs make their dreams come true, and reach long-term success.

Always be adaptable and flexible. Nothing is ever set in stone. Change directions when needed or when the market demands it. Agility is a good business trait to have and one to strengthen. The ability to move and bend as needed is how successful businesses continue to thrive.

Listen to the customer. Customers can and will say what they like or do not like about a business, product, service or brand. The customer experience is an essential business growth resource.

Enterprises TV understands that making current and potential customers happy with their experience speeds business growth. Make it happen. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Enterprises TV Examines Industries with the Best Benefits

The average American employee knows the value of a good paycheck. Some know the value of good benefits also. Benefits can include a variety of options in which the monthly payments are deducted from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly checks.  Some industries offer better benefits than others. Enterprises TV examines the best.


It is obvious that employees in higher paying fields will enjoy, appreciate and value benefits which can include health and vision insurance, flexible spending accounts, discount prescription drug programs, onsite medical clinics with free visits, commuter sharing services, and more. At a very basic level, health insurance is a benefit that most workers value. 

The below industries often provide the best benefits for employees:

  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Business Services

It is important to note that these industries often include larger corporations, which have stronger bargaining power to secure the best benefits package for their entire workforce. Smaller businesses have less power to get better deals for their staff. The Enterprises TV show believes every worker deserves to have benefits package that will not deplete their regular paycheck. While we understand that employees are entitled to receive a paycheck, most employers do not have to offer benefits of any kind. That said, if businesses want to hire and retain the best workforce, they should be well-taken of with a comprehensive, affordable benefits package.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Enterprises TV Shines a Light on Best States for Retirement

Millions of retirees think of and relocate to the warmer states, such as Florida and Arizona, to spend their retirement days. But these states are too quickly becoming too full of people, land development and the inevitable obstacles that come with mass exodus into a state. Enterprises TV shines a light on some other states which are ranked best for retirement.

Oregon – Located in the Northwest, this state is green, clean and gorgeous. There are a plethora of activities for retirees to enjoy, and continuing ed programs are strong.

Alaska – One might not think that Alaska is a great state for retirement, but it does have its benefits. The quality of elder care services are rated good. It is relatively less populated than other US states. There is plenty to keep one busy after working years end.

Minnesota – Here is another state that experiences colder weather versus warmer weather. Quality of care for the older population is one reason why this state might be considered for retirement. It is also chock full of ideas to keep the older brain active, and social lives busy.

IowaIowa is an affordable state to live in. Assisted living center care is lower than the other states mentioned above, and quality of care is good.

South Dakota – Affordable, beautiful, plenty of outdoor activities to participate in, and good health care are all good reasons to relocate to Iowa in retirement.

Enterprises TV also notes that many Baby Boomers and retirees may choose to stay in the city and state where they currently reside. Whether relocating to another city and state, or staying local, the best states for retirement are the ones where you feel most comfortable.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Enterprises TV Highlights Small Business Worries

While the upcoming US presidential election is on every mind, small business owners have some real worries on their minds.

Enterprises TV learns from a survey conducted by Capital One Spark Business that thirteen percent of small business owners are concerned about hiring and keeping talented employees.  Another 13 percent said keeping up with the competition is their main concern, and 12 percent worry about the regulatory environment. The mom and pop shops around the country are the backbone of the US economy. They represent those who still believe in the American dream.  They invent, create, and instigate change for the better.

Fewer small businesses are planning to hire within the next six months compared to last year. Twenty-six percent plan to add to their workforce, compared to 32 percent last year.  They survey also found that only seven percent noted that business conditions were “excellent”.  Thirty-eight percent of those surveyed reported conditions as “fair”, 34 percent said conditions were “good” and 19 percent called them “poor”. 

Any time there is an election whether it is local, state or national, changes in regulation, healthcare, and taxes are expected. The strength of the American economy fluctuates continuously and small business owners feel it the most. Enterprises TV supports America’s small business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators.  The small business owner concerns should be on the minds of every presidential candidate, and should be addressed. Revenue cannot grow unless the economy is healthy and strong. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Enterprises TV Highlights Small Business Week

Small businesses are the back bone of the United States economy. Without them, consumers would be forced to spend their money in brand name and mega stores. Original items to purchase would be hard to find. There would be no mom and pop stores, no local restaurants, and no local auto repair shops. Small businesses are what make America great. Enterprises TV highlights small business week with a few ideas about how everyone – consumers and small business owners – can do to give back to each other.

According to the Small Business Administration, two-thirds of all new jobs created are by small businesses. The next time a new business opens in the area where you live, stop in and welcome them.

Small businesses can make a difference in the community. By sponsoring a local sports team, providing snacks for intermission of a local theatrical production, and supporting charitable organizations in the area, entrepreneurs can become involved in and reap the benefits of community support.

The back bone of a small business is the local customer. Who are they? How often do they frequent the business? A recent survey found that 90 percent of consumers frequent small businesses at least once a week. They like the convenience, the friendly local staff, and they get better customer service than larger stores. Most importantly though, they like supporting the local community. Consumers can make it a weekly routine to visit local businesses. Small business owners can reach out the locals and thank them for their support.

The Enterprises TV show believes that it is necessary for both entrepreneurs and consumers to appreciate and support each other. Instead of buying books, DVDs, food, wine and other items from mega online stores, why not head over to the small, independent bookstore, the wine and cheese shop, the boutiques, and then have a snack or lunch at that new cafĂ© on the corner? We support and appreciate America’s small businesses.