Monday, November 23, 2015

Enterprises TV Reviews Why Cash is King on Small Business Saturday

Saturday, November 28 is designated as Small Business Saturday in the United States. This is traditionally the day when Americans are urged to shop locally and support small business owners. Enterprises TV reminds readers why cash is king on this day.

America’s commercial backbone is held up by the millions of small businesses which support it. Many mom-and-pop shops offer original items to purchase. Most small shops will accept credit card payments, however, there are some that do not take American Express. Plus, there are the standard credit card processing fees that card associations (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) charge, bank card processing fees and other charges that incur when a merchant accepts a card. These are a few reasons why some merchants prefer customers pay in cash.

Customers, on the other hand, may want to pay in cash themselves. One of the strongest reasons for this is to avoid hefty credit card balances later and the interest charges that are attached. It is also easier to manage holiday gift budgets. The National Retail Federation estimates that consumers will spend around $800 for holiday gifts, and a study found that cash or debit card use will be the top forms of payment for most people this year. The Enterprises TV show notes that it is often easier and less risky to use cash or a debit card at locally-owned businesses. Big Box companies have experienced and are experiencing breaches of their databases. Whichever method of payment one chooses to use, we urge readers to support local shops, eateries, galleries and holiday events. These are your neighbors and friends.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Enterprises TV Reviews the Basics of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming a more popular and mainstream way for small businesses to get ahead. Enterprises TV reviews the basics.

One of the main guidelines for mobile marketing is to be sure company webpages load easily on digital devices. When consumers visit the website on a smart phone, they expect the landing page to roll out easily and be easy to navigate. Pages that are not optimized for mobile devices are abandoned and are the sales consumers make on them. Test all pages of the website on smart phones and tablets.

Consumers are looking for discounts and coupons sent via email or text message. But “pushing” too many of them in short periods of time annoys customers, who end up unsubscribing to the email or text notification. This can result in loss of sales. Stick to one note or text per week.

The Enterprises TV show also suggests respecting customer privacy. Be sure the privacy policies are easy to find on websites and are easily viewed on mobile devices. Direct marketing messages to only those who have opted in for them.

Mobile marketing should be integrated in with all other marketing campaigns such as direct mail. A successful holiday shopping season is right around the corner when several methods of advertising are utilized. There are more consumers shopping via mobile and digital devices today than before. Take advantage of it. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Enterprises TV Relays Top Five Steps to Take Before Launching

Launching a new business is not easy and takes longer than entrepreneurs realize. Enterprises TV relays the top five steps to take before launching a new business.

Earning a profit can take longer than most people realize when they come up with a new idea for business or product. From web presence to legal matters, there are steps to take before considering leaving a regular job to launching a new one.

The numerous state, federal and local taxes can drive the most sane, steady person insane. There are a plethora of forms to complete and submit, and all have to be approved before opening the doors – virtual or physical. Work with an accountant to gain a better understanding of how all this works and works in conjunction with making a profit.

Make time to talk to an attorney. Nothing beats good, preventative legal advice. Check with the local branch of the Small Business Administration for referrals.

Survey the target demographic for the product or business. It is imperative to be sure the entrepreneur delivers what the customer wants.

Plan to not make a profit for two to three years. Don’t assume that because the product or business may seem like it’s needed and wanted, it will be a success and make money in the first year. Very few of them do. Instead, think beyond the launch date and project out two to three years.

The Enterprises TV show also reminds entrepreneurs to plan an exit strategy. It will ease worry about what might happen if the new venture is not successful and the business owners wants to close up shop. Be prepared for everything.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Enterprises TV Relays the Steps for a Concrete Business Plan

No matter what one has mind to starting a business whether it is creating a new product or offering a unique service, the entrepreneur needs a concrete business plan.  Enterprises TV relays how to hammer one out.

Creating a business  plan may sound daunting, but with some strategic thinking, it can be mastered. Start with finding the canvas or format for the plan. There are a few good examples on the Internet.
A canvas can help find business resources, customer base and more.
Each section of the plan focuses on the major areas of consideration: product description, target market, marketing, sales, etc.  These sections address the who and how for each part, and are imperative for investors to know before funding the business.

The Enterprises TV show advises entrepreneurs to not get lost in lengthy descriptions, but be clear and concise.  Use bullet points for each one.  The main point is to get it all down on paper or computer,  and then work on making it better for investors and financial institutions.  If help is needed, call upon someone you know and trust to help hammer it out. A concrete business plan is needed to get the new venture off the ground. It also provides the road map to follow as each new success is made. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Enterprises TV Relays the Top Ten States for Entrepreneurs

America is the land of opportunity for entrepreneurs. Enterprises TV reviews the top ten states which are the best places to open a new business.

GOBankingRates, a financial company, ranked US states on criteria that included startup opportunities, existing small businesses, business tax climate, among other factors. The results from their research found the top ten states for entrepreneurs. It might be worthwhile to look into each state to see if this is where you want to open up shop. Each of the 10 mentioned have strong culture of entrepreneurship, high numbers of small businesses and a good survival rate. Small business lending is also flush in these states.

Washington – The Northwest state has the largest number of available employees that are well-educated, willing and able to work.
Wyoming – The state has the best business tax climate of all US states.
California – Highest business survival rate with more businesses created than closed.
Colorado – More small businesses than most other states. Better business survival than other states.
Oregon – Good small business lending ratio compared to other states.
Texas – Most affordable place to live and start your own company.
Delaware – High rate of graduating college students which makes hiring nicer and easier.
Massachusetts – Has the highest business survival rate in the nation. Hard to fail here.
Montana – Most amount of start-ups per capita.
Missouri – Fourth highest business survival rate in the country.

The Enterprises TV show recommends aspiring entrepreneurs take a look at these states a little more closely if interested. They offer the best available options for starting a new business and being successful in the long run.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Enterprises TV on Why Online Businesses Succeed

Online businesses succeed where traditional brick-and mortar businesses do not. The reasons backing this thought are clear cut. Enterprises TV explores the reasons why online businesses succeed.

Start-ups and long-standing companies with physical store fronts have hurdles to maneuver that virtual businesses do not. Overhead, staffing, and the slow scalability of the company are a few. It can years to gain any real revenue with these expensive and time stealing obstacles.

Online businesses usually don’t have these hurdles to face. Overhead is a little as the entrepreneur wants to work with. Staffing can start with one person, the owner, and can be added to later when revenue supports it. Scalability, the ability to expand and grow, is exponential online. The business’ customer base is a small or wide and varied as they want it to be. Marketing can be worldwide, and not just streamlined the local community.

The Enterprises TV show also notes that online business owners have the ability to run and manage their business from anywhere.  With the abundance of mobile devices and digital business tools available, the traveling entrepreneur can slay any problem anywhere.

Take a look around the Internet and find the online businesses that are successful no matter how large or small they are. What makes them so popular? Why are they so successful? It takes very little time to get an e-commerce site up on the Internet. Online marketing is easy to get started by setting up a few social media accounts and linking everything together in one place. Real-time customer feedback is valuable and gives the entrepreneur instant information about what is working and what it not. These are a few reasons why online business success is achievable.  How successful do you want to be?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Enterprises TV on the Right Business to Open

There are many people who have the desire to open their own business. Most don’t know what type of business to start or how to figure that out. Enterprises TV offers advice and suggestions to those who want a piece of the American dream.

One of the first things prospective business owners should consider is where their expertise lies. It makes sense to do work in a field or industry which is already known rather than one which is not. Another factor to consider is what type of business would be best? There are different types such as franchise, E-commerce, proprietor of a brand-new business or an existing one?

  • Aspiring business owners should first determine which of the above types fits best into their life. Other considerations might be:
  • What are the long-term business goals?
  • How much money is there to invest in the business?
  • How much time is needed to spend on the business?
  • Who can help with web design, E-commerce back-end tools, franchise challenges?
  • What are the specific challenges to opening each type of business?

The Enterprises TV show suggests compiling a list of small businesses in the local area. Contact each one and ask if it is okay to meet to talk about specific challenges and successes. This is one of the best methods to determining the right business to open.