Monday, May 2, 2016

Enterprises TV Highlights Small Business Week

Small businesses are the back bone of the United States economy. Without them, consumers would be forced to spend their money in brand name and mega stores. Original items to purchase would be hard to find. There would be no mom and pop stores, no local restaurants, and no local auto repair shops. Small businesses are what make America great. Enterprises TV highlights small business week with a few ideas about how everyone – consumers and small business owners – can do to give back to each other.

According to the Small Business Administration, two-thirds of all new jobs created are by small businesses. The next time a new business opens in the area where you live, stop in and welcome them.

Small businesses can make a difference in the community. By sponsoring a local sports team, providing snacks for intermission of a local theatrical production, and supporting charitable organizations in the area, entrepreneurs can become involved in and reap the benefits of community support.

The back bone of a small business is the local customer. Who are they? How often do they frequent the business? A recent survey found that 90 percent of consumers frequent small businesses at least once a week. They like the convenience, the friendly local staff, and they get better customer service than larger stores. Most importantly though, they like supporting the local community. Consumers can make it a weekly routine to visit local businesses. Small business owners can reach out the locals and thank them for their support.

The Enterprises TV show believes that it is necessary for both entrepreneurs and consumers to appreciate and support each other. Instead of buying books, DVDs, food, wine and other items from mega online stores, why not head over to the small, independent bookstore, the wine and cheese shop, the boutiques, and then have a snack or lunch at that new cafĂ© on the corner? We support and appreciate America’s small businesses.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Enterprises TV Reviews Work Place Hazard Prevention Tips

The work place should always be a safe place to spend the day.  From the minute we walk in the door to when we walk out at the end of a shift or work day, we should be confident that no harm will come to  us. However, this is not the case with some professions and work places.

A recent report states that, on average, there are 13 workers fatally injured and more than 10,000 hurt or made ill every day in 2014. The same report notes that 50,000 workers die from chronic occupational diseases each year. Yet, most of these are preventable, Enterprises TV believes.

Employers are responsible for the safety and welfare of their employees, no matter the job. If workers are exposed to noxious fumes during the work day, the employer must provide a mask and other protective gear to prevent the employee from becoming ill.  The same is expected from offices.  Employees working in rooms where noise is constant need protective ear gear to prevent hearing loss, migraines and other ill effects.  Leaking sinks and toilets should be repaired as soon as possible as the puddles on the floor can cause slips, falls and injuries.  Broken chairs, wobbly desks, poor lighting, open file cabinet drawers –these can also cause work place injuries.  Fix or throw out broken office furniture. Replace burnt out light bulbs. Close all file cabinet drawers when done.

Enterprises TV encourages employers and employees to work together to make the workplace safe. Be aware of the hazards and find effective ways to prevent them.  Don’t cut corners when it comes to workplace safety. Every person is valuable to the business. Every person is entitled to a safe workplace.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Enterprises TV Features Earth-Friendly Tips for People and Businesses

Every day should be Earth Day where you live and work. It takes very little effort to go green, be Eco-friendly and take an active part in preserving Earth. Enterprises TV is happy to share Earth-friendly tip with people and businesses.

One of the easiest ways to be more Earth-friendly is to read the labels on all packaging. Look for packaged that use recycled paper. Other ways to know that the product packaging is environmentally safe is to see if there is an EPA-regulated symbol like the Energy Star if the Safer Choice symbol on it. These tell consumers that the product meets the EPA’s stiff efficiency standards, and that the chemical-based product includes the safest ingredients for the consumer and environment.

Don’t use plastic anything. Buy some reusable water bottles instead of buying bottled water. Too many people throw away plastic water bottles because they are too lazy to find a recycling container. Reusable water bottles hold more liquid than the standard size plastic water bottle. Invest in the affordable cloth grocery bags. They hold more items than the plastic store bags and are more sturdy and durable. They can be washed and reused thousands of times.

Enterprises TV likes the idea of ordering groceries online. For most non-perishable goods such as toilet paper, laundry detergent and items like them, order online (Google groceries online). The shipping companies bundle items together by zip code, move them in full trucks. This reduces the amount of emissions individual autos we drive to and from the store.

May every day Earth Day. 


Friday, April 22, 2016

Enterprises TV Celebrates Earth Day

Happy #EarthDay.  The world celebrates Earth Day by pledging to take better care of it. Enterprises TV joins the celebration with some helpful suggestions.

We honestly didn’t even think about this first one:

Recycle or Donate Textiles No Longer Wanted
The fibers that made our clothes can also pollute the planet.  Textile production is massive around the world, and the waste that it generates is estimated to grow 34.4 billion pounds in 2019, according to the Council for Textile Recycling.  Of the 82 pounds of textiles that each US resident produces per year, only 15 percent is donated to recycled. Instead of throwing old socks, underwear, torn T-shirts, and etcetera in the trash, repurpose them as dust clothes, scrub clothes, and use them to protect fragile items such as china or fragile home decorations.

Donate no longer wanted clothes, in relatively good shape, to community centers, women’s help centers, non-profits, or to a name brand store collecting them, such as H&M.

Ditch Plastic Grocery Bags for Cloth Bags
We are all in a collective effort of sustainability and to that extent, isn’t it about time to start using cloth grocery bags? Many of these are sold in the grocery store for a couple of dollars. If buying them doesn’t fit your sensible frame of mind, find and use cloth and reusable tote bags in the home.  These bags hold more and are sturdier than store plastic bags.

If this Earth-friendly concept doesn’t fit your lifestyle, at least take the plastic bags to the nearest recycle box at the store where you received them. Look outside where the garbage and recycling cans are.

Pitch Non-Eco-Friendly Detergents
There are so many great Earth-healthy detergents being sold today that Enterprises TV finds it hard to know why people still buy the old chemical-laden ones.  The additives and chemicals in traditional detergents pollutes soil and water.  Seek and find the affordable Eco-friendly cleaners and detergents.  Mother Earth will be most grateful as will her non-human inhabitants.

And One More Thing, Please

As an aside, please always flush the toilet when done in a public building. No water is saved because the next person to use it will flush the toilet anyway. Be polite. Please flush the john. Happy #EarthDay 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Enterprises TV Reports on Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Small businesses are not immune to data breaches.  Every company, no matter the size, is bound to experience a network break at any time. This is where cloud computing comes in.

Network services hosted on cloud systems are secure, and give small businesses easier accessibility to files and data. Data that is stored off-premise frees up valuable on-site space on company servers.  Certified data centers have tighter security than those in buildings where the business is based. Enterprises TV also reminds that it is even better to use an out of the state data center for data storage if the business is located in a region where catastrophic weather can wreak havoc.

Good rules to follow for any business, but especially small ones, are strong password policies. Task Information Technology staff to institute randomly assigned passwords for all sites. Allow only those who should and need access to the sites log in credentials.  Apply 2 factor authentication for all sites.  This sends a code to the user trying to gain access a text message with a code in which to log in and enter the site.  Annoying as it can be when in a rush, safety and security are more important than time. It takes considerably longer to regain control of a site that has been hacked.

Enterprises TV also notes that it is imperative to have a backup administrator for all network services whether on-site of off. If one person leaves the company, or is out of the office for an extended amount of time, the backup admin can step in and keep things running smoothly. Cloud service providers give small business owners a better sense of security, the convenience of accessing files on the go, and save companies money by not having to buy additional servers, or hire more staff to maintain networks. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Enterprises TV Covers Tips for Digital Marketing Success

Almost every business in America is online and proactively marketing products or services. Enterprises TV covers tips for digital marketing success.

Digital marketing success encompasses more than just promoting a brand, product or service on Facebook and having a website. It means utilizing the tools and resources available to learn where the customers are, what they like, and how they shop.

Email marketing is one of the must useful tools used for online marketing success. Consumers who have email use it to register on favorite brand sites in hope of getting discounts and coupons sent to them. Personalized email notes are not hard to set up using resources such as MailChimp and SalesForce. Everyone wants to be remembered. Consumers want brands to know who they are and what they like. Email marketing is great for this.

Content sharing is another great way to get the word out on a brand.
Many brands have a blog page on their website where press releases and related brand content is posted. Related article about the product type is also online. Find and share this content on the different social sites, such as Pinterest and Google Plus. Share good and related content at least once a week.

The Enterprises TV show also notes that following up with email requests and questions, and also on social sites, can be beneficial. Bring back consumers who may have abandoned the brand with a special offer. Email a personal note addressing the consumer’s questions. Write naturally because there is nothing more off-putting than a note or reply to a comment than “corporate-speak”.

Digital marketing success is attainable with perseverance and a positive, consumer-first mindset. 

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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Enterprises TV Show Relays the Top Five Cities for Working Families

American families with one or two working parents are located in every state. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 90 percent have one working parent, and 60 percent have two working parents. The Enterprises TV show relays the top five cities for working families.

Many families struggle to get to and from school and work with children. If a child is sick, one parent must stay home to care for him or her. Four states have family leave laws that require employers to give workers paid time off for family emergencies or childbirth: California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Washington).  Some American cities are better places to live, work and raise a family than others. A recent report was conducted using criteria which included: cost of housing, average commute time, average childcare costs and graduation rate at local schools. Data was crunched and from it comes the top five states for American working families.

  1. Orem, Utah
  2. Wichita Falls, Texas
  3. Irvine, California
  4. Iowa City, Iowa
  5. Jonesboro, Arkansas

What placed these cities on the top of the list: low child care costs, good schools, low crime rate, short commute times, low rate of unemployment, better than average income, family-friendly policies, and high quality of life. When these points are factored in to family-work life balances, Enterprises TV notes that employees are happier and generally more loyal. Nothing is as stressful as knowing a family member is ill and having to go to work. Family is valuable. Family usually comes first. These five cities are great role models for the rest of America.

Orem, Utah