Friday, August 29, 2014

Enterprises TV and How to Work from Home Successfully

Anyone who works from home part-time or full-time knows that you have to be disciplined to get the work done, and have a separate space to go to every day. Enterprises TV shares a few other tips to work from home successfully.

Telecommuting is a great way to work. But it takes serious dedication and a clear break from all home-related distractions. In order to be successful at it, here are a few suggestions:

Turn the TV off at a set time in the morning. If you wake up and turn the television on to catch the news, turn it off at a specific time.

Get ready for work. Take a shower and get dressed. Do this at the same time every day as if you were going to get in the car and head to the office.

If working from home is a steady 40 hours per week, be sure to separate professional and personal email addresses, telephone numbers and accounts. There are several good resources to obtain personal domain names and other necessary business accounts.

The Enterprises TV show encourages telecommuting readers to go outside now and then and mingle with other people. It’s easy to stay inside and dedicated to the job. But it’s just as vital to have some time with people. Working from home can be a lonely existence unless an effort is made to connect with others. Take a walk around the neighborhood to stretch the legs and say hello to others. As a reminder, it helps clear the mind and recharge internal batteries.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Enterprises TV Explores Ways to Keep Working after Age 65

The traditional age to retire from full-time work is age 65. But many Americans find they need to keep working until age 70 or beyond to ensure they have enough money saved for those golden after work years. Enterprises TV explores ways people can keep working after age 65.

For those in the workforce who have built strong careers and are soon to reach retirement age, working a little longer can add to retirement savings. However, there are some challenges to working longer.

Technology changes all the time and the older worker must not only know it, but must be able to master it and teach it to the younger employees. This means staying on top of what’s new.

Skills also change with the times. The skills needed in marketing have changed dramatically over the years, for example. Today’s marketing professional must be proficient in all forms of digital advertising and social media. Fortunately, there are many resources for learning these at home.

The Enterprises TV show encourages readers to find ways to make working past the retirement age of 65 enjoyable and rewarding. For many, this can be mentoring a younger worker, moving into a consultant-type job, and even working part-time from home. Employers who keep older workers on the job gain their knowledge and experience. These are valuable and useful assets most businesses appreciate. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Enterprises TV Asks: Are You a Thief? Most of us are.

Enterprises TV has the goods on you, you thief, you!  The odds are pretty good that you just winced from that, because there is a little, tiny bit of petty larceny ... usually very petty ... that most of us are guilty of.  There is usually no blow-back from these almost unconscious acts, except when you are applying for an important job or something involving a security clearance, when they haul out the polygraph test.  Then, you need to carefully think back about whether you ever stole anything -- anything at all.  And the truth is, most of us have.  We're not saying that you are a crook or that everyone who makes off with an office supply that isn't truly theirs should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  There is, after all, such a thing as human nature.

Enterprises TV has learned that it is widely accepted that each of us has stolen something in our lifetime.

The Enterprises TV show has come across a list of minor items that most of us have pilfered at some time or another.  Starting with pens.  Who hasn't "borrowed" a pen and walked away with it?  Who hasn't used a pen at work and had the line between work property and our own just blur a bit too much?  And many of us have packed hotel amenities into our suitcases and made off with them, including full towel sets, but also counting shampoo, conditioner, shower caps and local guides.  Restaurants aren't immune, with napkins, condiments and packets of sugar or sugar-substitute.  These tiny thefts cost some restaurants almost $1 million a year.  It all adds up.  The list also included stealing a place in line or a parking spot, but that may be getting just a bit too holier-than-thou to worry about.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Enterprises TV Asks: When Is Excess Too Excessive?

We at Enterprises TV believe in freedom of expression and personal choice.  But those exercising these innate rights must remember the rights of those around them, as well.  Take the case of Rolf Buchholz, a German man who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the most-pierced man in the world.  This gentleman sports 453 piercings, many of them in his facial region, perfectly visible to all who he may encounter.  Mr. Buchholz was hired to appear at the nightclub in the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai which, like its counterpart venue in London, specializes in presenting its clients with the sensational and unusual.  Sadly, he never made it to his engagement.  Customs authorities would not let him into the country, feeling from his appearance that he looked like he might be a terrorist.

Enterprises TV looks at a man who has taken the fringe route right to the end of the road.

The Enterprises TV show realizes that there are those who would assert that Mr. Buchholtz's rights have been violated.  He should be free to express himself in his chosen fashion.  But is freedom not a 2-way street?  Are the observers not free to be uncomfortable with the hostile exterior he presents to the world?  There was a time when those who chose to be covered with tattoos and piercings would practice discretion and keep them below the neck level so that their chosen countenance was not visible under regular clothing.  These days, folks of this persuasion think nothing of carrying the markings and body modification to every area of their bodies, whether plainly visible or not.  Tattoos, piercing studs, nose rings, earlobe rims, aggressive hair styles -- there seems to be no boundary any more.  That, of course, is their right.  But so is it the right of nearby observers to be cautious in dealing with these people.  The person has chosen the impression they wish to project to the public, one of shock and revulsion.  So how can they expect the public to react otherwise?

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Enterprises TV and the Top Cities for Relocation

There are many reasons why people choose to relocate to a specific city. Better weather, better job opportunities and family are few. Enterprises TV takes a look at the top cities people move to and explores the reasons why they choose those cities.

Career site The Ladders noted that of the six million users in their database, 35% are looking for jobs in cities outside of the current location and outside of their state. Those in smaller cities such as Phoenix or Seattle have more applicants searching for a new city and a new job compared to those who live in larger cities who stay put. New York City is where most of the applicants from Philadelphia and Boston choose to search for a new job. New career and city seekers from Chicago send resumes to the Los Angeles, CA area, and those living in Washington, D.C. tend to expand their search to Atlanta, GA. Not surprisingly, Dallas, TX is a city where job seekers from all four regions of the country hope to relocate to for a new career opportunity. The Dallas area is a great city for working parents, has an affordable cost of living and is full of great activities for everyone. The Enterprises TV show notes that there are not that many applicants looking to move to The Sunshine State – Florida as there were in previous years. Perhaps this is due to a mediocre job economy or that is can be overcrowded at times during the year. In any situation, expanding a career search outside of a current location can give the careerist a wider variety of options and more hopeful outlook than sticking with a known location. And that’s a good thing.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Enterprises TV on the Top States for Female Entrepreneurs

It is easy to think that the states where innovation is king might be the top state where there are more women business owners. However, it is not. Enterprises TV learns which states have more female entrepreneurs.

The U.S. states below are ranked on a number of factors which include number of women owned business, growth, revenue and employment. These are places where their companies are contributing most to the local economy.

  1. North Dakota
  2. District of Columbia
  3. Nevada
  4. Arizona
  5. Georgia
  6. Wyoming
  7. Virginia
  8. Maryland
  9. Texas (tied for ninth place)
  10. Utah (tied for ninth place)

New England and the Midwest are the two regions of the country where there are the least number of women-owned businesses.  On the up side, female entrepreneurs are shaking things up by breaking into new areas when it comes to location and sector. And they are opening up new companies in areas which used to be dominated by men.   The Enterprises TV show congratulates the women who are making tremendous strides in each and every field, industry and sector.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Enterprises TV on Why a Mini Break from Work is Good for Us

For those who have been working for 30 years or more, a mini break from work might be a good thing. Vacations are nice. But sometimes we need to break away for longer and explore new interests. Enterprises TV offers some reasons why a break from the office is good for us.

The standard rule is that the time to try new things and explore other interests is when we retire. Buy by then, it may be too late. Married professionals might want to spend more time together and travel. Single professionals may way to venture into an interest they’ve always been interested in. Why wait until age 70 or beyond? Who knows what our health will be like then?

If travel is on the mind, remember that we should pack half as much and bring twice as much money. Start an automatic deposit into a special savings account and label is “mini retirement”. Designate an end date. Watch that account start building and feel the hope of knowing that soon a break from the everyday grind of work is coming. The Enterprises TV show realizes that this might not be in the cards for some. Think of it more as a needed respite from stress.

A few ideas about what to do: overseas volunteer work, volunteer work at home, travel and make connections, and photography. Give it a try on shorter breaks now to see if it’s something to do full-time later.

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