Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Enterprises TV Show Reviews Tips for Credit Card Protection

By now, almost everyone is wary of where they use their credit cards. Fraud of this type is on the rise and security experts remind consumers to be aware of where cards are used.
The Enterprises TV show takes time to review tips for credit card protection during the holiday season.

Many people shop online and know that their gifts will arrive on time. But where one shops online can make the difference in feeling secure about using a credit card on the e-commerce site or not. Major online retailers such as Amazon have been in business for years and have strong protections in place. Smaller e-retailers may not. In any situation, consumers are urged to look in the url bar for the HTTPS or a lock and key icon which indicates the site using secure technology.  If questions arise about how safe the site is for taking orders, email them, call them or ask on their Facebook page if they have a page. If no answer is given within two days, scrap the order.

Enterprises TV reminds readers that there is a wide and diverse variety of online stores. Look for the items wanted on known retailer sites first. And be sure to review all credit card, debit card and bank accounts online at least once a week to be sure no fraud has taken place. If something suspicious arises, contact the financial institution as soon as possible.  Finally, ask the financial institutions who hold your credit cards to replace magnetic stripe cards with the newer and more secure chip-and-pin cards. It pays to be as safe as possible when shopping online or in a store today. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Enterprises TV with News for Prospective Home Buyers

Ask for the CLUE report before buying

Buying a new home can be nerve wracking. There is so much to consider and so much money goes into it. Enterprises TV reports on what new home buyers should be aware of before signing on the dotted line.

A previous homeowner’s claim or even just a call to that insurance company about a possible claim can raise the homeowner insurance rate for a person wanting to buy that home. reports that the industry has a database called CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange), a database used by insurance industry which shows the date of an incident or claim, type of claim and how much was paid by the insurer. Claims stay active in that database for seven years. This means that any claim activity that occurred during that time can be seen by any insurer.  Prospective home buyers should know that denied claims, never-filed claims and claims by the previous owner can raise their rates. The Enterprises TV show encourages readers to ask the seller for a copy of the home’s CLUE report before agreeing to buy a home. The report can point out specific problems the home has had and still has which is valuable information to know, and often not mentioned by the seller.  Consumers are also entitled to one annual copy of their CLUE report.  It’s always better to know everything possible about a home before buying it. Know before you go. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Enterprises TV on Home Security for the Holidays

It may seem like futile advice, but home security during the holidays is one of the few things we seem to forget during the hustle and bustle. Enterprises TV offers a few reminders before everyone starts packing up to head out of town.

Check every window and door to be sure they are closed tightly and are locked. Double check sliding glass doors also. Insert a cut off broom handle in the track to keep the door from being jammed open.

Don’t close all of the curtains and blinds that’s not done regularly. It is a tip off to crooks.

Buy a timer for indoor lights and holiday lights. If they go on and off at about the same time every evening, set the timer to that schedule.

Give a spare key to a trusted friend or neighbor. Ask them to get the mail for you. Leave a bag on the table to put it in.

The Enterprises TV show also suggests keeping valuables like tablets and laptops out of sight. Remove them from tables and desks in the home and store them in the closet or in a drawer.

No matter what kind of home one resides in, apartment, condo or house, always keep security in mind before leaving on any trip. Even gated communities can be vulnerable at times. Ask neighbors to keep their eyes open for anything suspicious.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Enterprises TV Show and How to Pare Down Cell Phone Bills

It seems as if our cell phone bills keep getting bigger and bigger while our household budgets are manipulated to pay those bills. The Enterprises TV show explains why those bills keep getting bigger and how we can pare them down.

If we take time to carefully review our cell phone bills, it is clear that the taxes at every government level keep rising and the fees are right behind them.  Approximately 17% of the bills are taxes and fees. And there seems to be a fee for almost everything. There are activation fees which can go as high as $35.00. There are fees for getting a new phone, extending a contract, early termination and roaming. Data usage fees are also on the rise. Cell service carriers put a cap on subscribers’ data usage and if they go over, the subscriber pays astronomical fees.  Plus, we are adding more phones to our households and ditching the old-fashioned landlines. So, how can the hard-working American pare down cell phone bills?

Enterprises TV suggests careful review of the bill every month. Don’t just pay it automatically without looking at it. If there is a service issue, call or email to carrier to credit the days service was out. Carriers can and should credit the account on usage charges, but cannot legally credit any government fees. Customers cal also renegotiate the terms of their service from time to time. If adding another phone and line, work with the carrier to find any discount. If the bills are still too high and too hard to pay every month, consider a prepaid phone and plan. Customers have access to the same great smart phones but do not pay more than $50.00 per month. Prepaid phones are also an economical resource for families with teens and college-aged children. We shouldn’t have to spend the greater part of a household budget on cell phone service.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Enterprises TV Show Offers Great Non-Traditional Gift Ideas

Money is hard to come by for many people which can make shopping for gifts a real challenge. The Enterprises TV show offers some non-traditional gift ideas which are always appreciated.

If money is in short supply and your gift list is long, think outside of the box.  Most people would appreciate something that is homemade or something a skilled gift-giver can offer.  Consider these suggestions for showing the people how much you care this holiday season:

Bake cookies, loaf breads, cakes and wrap in tin foil with colorful ribbon and a handwritten card. The treats one bakes will help the hectic hostess provide goodies when guests arrive.

Make an entrĂ©e or side dish which can be frozen and eaten later on.  Many times, people are pressed for time and a dinner which can be heated is a blessing in a casserole dish.

Gift givers who are good with home repair skills, decorating talent and the like can make and give coupons for something the loved one needs.  There is sure to be something a friend or relative needs that will be of great help.

Go through DVD and book collections. Sort out the ones no longer interested in, wrap them up and give them to someone who loves to watch movies or curl up with a good book.

Enterprises TV also suggests pet sitting or pet care services for the animal owners. Nothing is more appreciated than knowing that someone is taking good care of a pet when out of town.  Not only does this provide good animal care, but it provides the essential peace of mind for the pet owner.

Use the imagination to come up with more non-traditional gift ideas this holiday season.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Enterprises TV Show Highlights the Least Repaired Cars

A recent survey of car owners from CarMD determines which vehicles are the least likely to visit repair shops. The Enterprises TV show shares which ones cost owners less in repairs.

Looking for a new vehicle? Do you want to know which car or crossover vehicle has the least amount of repair costs? The CarMD vehicle owner survey pinpoints which cars and crossovers have the least amount of repairs.

Honda once again was first on the list for the least amount of repairs.
Hyundai came in second, followed by Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Kia, Nissan, Mazda and BMW to round off the top ten.

The 2012 Toyota Camry was the least repaired car model. It is followed by the 2012 Honda Civic and the 2012 Hyundai Sonata which came in second and third respectively.

In other vehicle repair categories, the 2011 Honda Odyssey ranked first for minivans, the 2008 Toyota Highlander for full-size SUV and the Kia Soul in the wagon/crossover SUV category.

Hyundai vehicles spend less time with the mechanic than any others, excluding Hondas.
Mazda owners spend less than owners of other vehicle makers, the Enterprises TV show learns. This information is offered to help readers who are thinking of getting a new vehicle soon make a sound and informed decision before making any payments.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Enterprises TV Show with Tips for the Self Employed

People who are self employed are often envied by those who work for others. The ability to set their own schedule, grow their own business and work with whomever they want seems idyllic. The Enterprises TV show knows that being self-employed can be a financial challenge as well as a personal one. Below are some tips which might be helpful.

Set up an invoicing system which clearly states when payment is due. Find online apps which allow payments to come in and funds to be dispersed.

Set the hours in which the business is open. Stick to them unless the business has a need to handle emergency calls.

Manage money wisely. This includes putting money aside for tax season and saving for retirement. No one really wants to keep working as hard in the retirement years as they did when younger. Save now for a more relaxing future.

Work slowly and methodically. Make a list of tasks that need to be done.  Work on one task at a time for about 25 minutes and then take a five minute break. Focus on the most important tasks first. Check items off of the list when done.

Enterprises TV realizes that being self-employed is not easy. But with hard work, passion and determination, dreams do come true and success can be realized.  Keep at it. Never give up.

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