Monday, August 8, 2016

Enterprises TV Examines Water Pollution in the U.S.

In the U.S., 40% of the rivers and 46% of the lakes are polluted, and unsafe for swimming or fishing. Fourteen pounds of garbage, mostly plastic, is dumped into the ocean every year.

Water Pollution and Its Dirty Affects

Water pollution is defined by the Business Dictionary as the presence in water of harmful or objectionable material in sufficient quantity to measurably degrade water quality. It harms plants, and all living species in the body of water. Enterprises TV notes that polluted water can harm the entire ecological system in its proximity also. Seventy percent of industrial waste is dumped into the water bodies and pollute the usable water supply. All living things need fresh water and water that is clean in order to survive.

Getting Clean Water

For most people in the U.S., getting clean water can be as simple as installing a water filter in refrigerator water dispensers or on kitchen faucets. City and county water departments are tasked with cleaning and maintaining a clean water supply residents use for cooking, bathing and quality of life. Every US state has environmental protection laws and policies that businesses and homeowners must follow. However, there are times when the system and its processes break down, and natural bodies of water become a toxic mess. This is when the citizenry steps up and makes raises attention about making the water clean.

What We Can Do

Use water filters at home. . Buy reusable water bottles and refill them with filtered water from home. (Not all water cooler companies have the same standards.) Speak up when local natural bodies of water become polluted. It’s your water too.