Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Enterprises TV Relays Environmental News

Commercial buildings are rarely built using Eco-friendly materials or designs. Yet, there are some that meet LEED-related guidelines, and some which go even further. Enterprises TV relays some good environmental news.

National Environmental News

The U.S. is four months away from the presidential campaign, and two months before the soon to be elected president takes office. No matter which candidate one votes for, President Barack Obama has implemented environmentally-friendly official guidelines which will be added permanently to the Federal Register shortly. The guidelines are categorized under climate change and its impact, and are noted to help federal agencies guide and propose action for affected communities. It is clear to almost everyone that the Earth is hotter, there is more drought, wildfires, and other catastrophic events stemming from climate change.

Northeast City and Regional News

The city of Pittsburgh, PA has always been one leading the way in commercial innovation. The new Frick Environment Center is a stunning example of how one city can sustainably build a center for the public to enjoy using materials that preserve and conserve the natural resources around it. Below are the stunning facts about the construction, materials and water use for the site that achieved net zero energy and water:

  • Building materials were used from no further than 1,200 miles away to reduce the carbon footprint of the site. 
  • Ground-source heat pumps, radiant floors, photovoltaic array, and a reclaimed water system that captures and filters storm water for reuse in irrigation and non-potable uses. 
  • Contractors and sub-contractors and trades people were hired from the county and region only.

Well done, Frick Environment Center and the City of Pittsburgh. That's what you are known for -- creativity, strategy, innovation.m