Friday, August 5, 2016

Enterprises TV Hails the New Walkable Communities in America

Ask someone who lives in the big city suburbs where they really want to reside, and most will say they prefer someplace with a small town feel. There communities like this dotted across the country. Almost everything anyone could want is within walking distance of their front door. Enterprises TV hails the new walkable communities in America.

Have a seat and let's catch up

Known Thy Neighbors

It is increasingly more challenging to get to know the neighbors when people like in big suburban planned neighborhoods, apartment complexes and condo communities. We tend to come home, close the door and stay inside until it’s time to go out again. We drive a few miles to the store, to the bank, to a gas station, and to work. All this driving can be tiring one out. There’s no energy or enthusiasm left to walk through the neighborhood.

Benefits of Walkable Communities

One of the nice benefits of walkable communities is the ability to get outside and walk to the aforementioned businesses. Maybe even ride a bank. Passing neighbors along the way gives us the chance to greet each other and catch up. Communities have green spaces centered so everyone has easy access to them. Small shops are close enough to homes. Front porches are spacious and give residents the opportunity to sit out front and enjoy the peace and quiet.  

Americans can become quite sedentary. We sit in our vehicles as we commute here and there. We come home and sit for dinner, and sit watching television or spending time of digital devices. Walkable communities allow us the opportunity to add more movement to our lives. It binds neighbors and neighborhoods. Small towns may seem like they are long gone, but through innovative community planning and interest, they are returning. MarketWatch mentions a few good such communities in the South.