Friday, October 7, 2016

Enterprises TV Reminds Readers of Storm-Related Insurance Matters

Any storm that produces high wind speed or funnel clouds will inevitably produce a windstorm of insurance claims for homes, vehicles and personal property. Enterprises TV reminds readers of what to know about failing a claim, and how to avoid any shortfalls of it.

The Consumer Federation of America notes what to expect from filing a wind-related claim:
Read the insurance policy and know what it explicitly covers. Some policies do not cover roof damage or broken windows –two common types of damage from strong wind.

File claims as soon as possible, since most insurance companies work on them on a first-come-first-served basis. Write the claim number down and keep it in a safe place. This is the easiest way for the insurance company to find your claim after it is filed.

Take photos from all angles of the damage. Store photos in two places: computer hard drive and on a thumb drive.

Save any and all receipts related to the damage. Make photocopies of them, label them with what the items covered and keep in a safe place. This includes expenses for hotels if the home is not livable until repaired. Some policies have a reimbursable clause under the “Additional Living Expense” part of a homeowner policy.

If the insurance company wants to send an adjuster, ask if the adjustor is employed by the insurance company, is a contractor or is an independent adjuster. Ask if the adjuster they want to send is authorized to make claim decisions and payments on behalf of the insurance company. Ask for the name of the adjuster, the company he or she works for and a contact number for the adjustor before they send he or she to the home. There are many phony adjusters just waiting to take advantage of storm victims.

Enterprises TV sincerely hopes damage from Hurricane Matthew is not extensive for anyone.