Monday, May 9, 2016

Enterprises TV Shines a Light on Best States for Retirement

Millions of retirees think of and relocate to the warmer states, such as Florida and Arizona, to spend their retirement days. But these states are too quickly becoming too full of people, land development and the inevitable obstacles that come with mass exodus into a state. Enterprises TV shines a light on some other states which are ranked best for retirement.

Oregon – Located in the Northwest, this state is green, clean and gorgeous. There are a plethora of activities for retirees to enjoy, and continuing ed programs are strong.

Alaska – One might not think that Alaska is a great state for retirement, but it does have its benefits. The quality of elder care services are rated good. It is relatively less populated than other US states. There is plenty to keep one busy after working years end.

Minnesota – Here is another state that experiences colder weather versus warmer weather. Quality of care for the older population is one reason why this state might be considered for retirement. It is also chock full of ideas to keep the older brain active, and social lives busy.

IowaIowa is an affordable state to live in. Assisted living center care is lower than the other states mentioned above, and quality of care is good.

South Dakota – Affordable, beautiful, plenty of outdoor activities to participate in, and good health care are all good reasons to relocate to Iowa in retirement.

Enterprises TV also notes that many Baby Boomers and retirees may choose to stay in the city and state where they currently reside. Whether relocating to another city and state, or staying local, the best states for retirement are the ones where you feel most comfortable.