Friday, May 13, 2016

Enterprises TV Examines Industries with the Best Benefits

The average American employee knows the value of a good paycheck. Some know the value of good benefits also. Benefits can include a variety of options in which the monthly payments are deducted from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly checks.  Some industries offer better benefits than others. Enterprises TV examines the best.


It is obvious that employees in higher paying fields will enjoy, appreciate and value benefits which can include health and vision insurance, flexible spending accounts, discount prescription drug programs, onsite medical clinics with free visits, commuter sharing services, and more. At a very basic level, health insurance is a benefit that most workers value. 

The below industries often provide the best benefits for employees:

  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Business Services

It is important to note that these industries often include larger corporations, which have stronger bargaining power to secure the best benefits package for their entire workforce. Smaller businesses have less power to get better deals for their staff. The Enterprises TV show believes every worker deserves to have benefits package that will not deplete their regular paycheck. While we understand that employees are entitled to receive a paycheck, most employers do not have to offer benefits of any kind. That said, if businesses want to hire and retain the best workforce, they should be well-taken of with a comprehensive, affordable benefits package.