Friday, May 6, 2016

Enterprises TV Highlights Small Business Worries

While the upcoming US presidential election is on every mind, small business owners have some real worries on their minds.

Enterprises TV learns from a survey conducted by Capital One Spark Business that thirteen percent of small business owners are concerned about hiring and keeping talented employees.  Another 13 percent said keeping up with the competition is their main concern, and 12 percent worry about the regulatory environment. The mom and pop shops around the country are the backbone of the US economy. They represent those who still believe in the American dream.  They invent, create, and instigate change for the better.

Fewer small businesses are planning to hire within the next six months compared to last year. Twenty-six percent plan to add to their workforce, compared to 32 percent last year.  They survey also found that only seven percent noted that business conditions were “excellent”.  Thirty-eight percent of those surveyed reported conditions as “fair”, 34 percent said conditions were “good” and 19 percent called them “poor”. 

Any time there is an election whether it is local, state or national, changes in regulation, healthcare, and taxes are expected. The strength of the American economy fluctuates continuously and small business owners feel it the most. Enterprises TV supports America’s small business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators.  The small business owner concerns should be on the minds of every presidential candidate, and should be addressed. Revenue cannot grow unless the economy is healthy and strong.