Monday, May 2, 2016

Enterprises TV Highlights Small Business Week

Small businesses are the back bone of the United States economy. Without them, consumers would be forced to spend their money in brand name and mega stores. Original items to purchase would be hard to find. There would be no mom and pop stores, no local restaurants, and no local auto repair shops. Small businesses are what make America great. Enterprises TV highlights small business week with a few ideas about how everyone – consumers and small business owners – can do to give back to each other.

According to the Small Business Administration, two-thirds of all new jobs created are by small businesses. The next time a new business opens in the area where you live, stop in and welcome them.

Small businesses can make a difference in the community. By sponsoring a local sports team, providing snacks for intermission of a local theatrical production, and supporting charitable organizations in the area, entrepreneurs can become involved in and reap the benefits of community support.

The back bone of a small business is the local customer. Who are they? How often do they frequent the business? A recent survey found that 90 percent of consumers frequent small businesses at least once a week. They like the convenience, the friendly local staff, and they get better customer service than larger stores. Most importantly though, they like supporting the local community. Consumers can make it a weekly routine to visit local businesses. Small business owners can reach out the locals and thank them for their support.

The Enterprises TV show believes that it is necessary for both entrepreneurs and consumers to appreciate and support each other. Instead of buying books, DVDs, food, wine and other items from mega online stores, why not head over to the small, independent bookstore, the wine and cheese shop, the boutiques, and then have a snack or lunch at that new cafĂ© on the corner? We support and appreciate America’s small businesses.