Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Enterprises TV Relays the Latest Tax Hoaxes

Many people have already filed their taxes but this does not mean that the bad guys are not on the hunt to try and steal personal identification and financial information. Enterprises TV relays some of the hoaxes making the rounds.

Email phishing is a major activity. Be wary of any sort of “official” looking communication from banks, the human resource department of where you work, and be especially wary of email from what seems to be from the IRS. None of them are authentic. The IRS does not email taxpayers and ask for personal information at all – ever. Call or email the bank if an email note arrives asking for confirmation about anything. If a note seems to come from the company HR department, go to their office and ask if they send out any communication to you. Never clink on any link from something that seems phishy. Those links can release malware which can steal any personal and financial information stored on computers.

“Spear phishing” is more targeted and personalized. Other warning signs of “official” emails:
The note gives a time deadline to reply, most likely being within 24 hours or be locked out of their account. 

The link to click in the email looks too long or the bank’s name is slightly misspelled in it. It also pays to keep in mind that most banks do not ask customers to click a link.
Enterprises TV also reminds readers to utilize good cyber hygiene. Use different passwords for each account. Change passwords often and engage two-step authentication. Businesses of any size should upgrade network security protocols regularly. Finally, if in doubt about an unusual request sent via email, delete the note and contact the real institution immediately. Be alert, be safe.