Monday, February 22, 2016

Enterprises TV Reviews the Facets of the On-Demand Economy

Consumers are used to hearing about on-demand entertainment such as that from streaming video providers. Not many know about the on-demand economy though. Enterprises TV reviews the facets of this growing, steady way of working.

The number of self-employed contractors has grown to more than 14 percent of the labor market. In addition, there are now more than 10 million workers registered with on-demand work sites. This creates an incredibly competitive field of workers who are ready and able to work at the drop of a hat to engage in hundreds of fields of work with decades of collective experience.

Other on-demand facets of the economy are those that give entrepreneurs, business owners and consumers immediate access to whatever they need or want. This applies to Cloud services, and the immediate access to products and services. Digital marketplaces and consumer demand work hand in hand. Consumers want products and services immediately and for the most part, can get them. Enterprises TV sees a steadily growing market for consumer instant gratification. Services that provide apps like those to ride sharing, grocery ordering and delivery, hotel reservation, handyman work, etc. will continue to pop up and give employers, workers, and consumers what they want when they need it. And that’s not bad, at all.