Monday, February 1, 2016

Enterprises TV Provides a BYOD Update

BYOD stands for Bring-Your-Own-Device to use for work. Many employees use their own tablets and smart phones for business already. While this is a convenient way for workers to get work done, stay up to date and connected to work related activities, there are some concerns that come with it. Enterprises TV provides a BYOD update for employees and employers.

One of the most important issues with a corporate BYOD policy is security. How secure does is the device? Is the screen password protected? Does it use anti-virus and malware protection? What happens if the device is lost or stolen?

Good workplace policies require workers who use their own digital devices to access company-related networks to register the device with the in-house IT departments or contracted IT companies. If the device is lost, stolen or hacked, the IT support worker has better knowledge of the device, and may be able to access it, track it and remedy any service issues.

A good mobile management plan is one which provides a memo to employees about digital devices – personal and company owned. It explains the rules for the BYOD policy, requires information about the specific device, and provides a space where the employee needs to sign indicating they read and understand the policy.

The Enterprises TV show encourages readers who use their own devices for work to limit what work is conducted on the device. Checking email is fine, as is opening files through Cloud type drives. Always ensure that virus and malware protection is up to date. And always be sure there that if using a personal device for work to be careful what is viewed, read or accessed on it. Company BYOD policies should clearly define what their position is on accessing data on the employee’s personal device. Double check before first.