Friday, February 5, 2016

Enterprises TV Conveys New ATM Skimming Information


Most people are aware that card skimming devices can be placed over ATM terminals at gas pumps and outdoor bank machines. But new evidence from Krebs, the security specialists, finds that there is a new location the consumer often uses where the data stealing equipment is found. Enterprises TV conveys where this is and how to avoid it.

Where is it safe to use a debit or credit card these days? Not in the grocery store self-checkout lane. This is the new location where card skimming devices are found. While many shoppers with a few items don’t want to wait in a longer checkout line, they will use the quicker self-checkout lanes.

While a fake cover on a card machine can look just like the real one, the fake one can feel loose. Consumers should take a better look at the machine, and try to take the cover off. If it comes off easily, don’t use it and report it to the cashier.

Skimming devices use hidden electronics that sit inside or over a card slot. Once the card is swiped, the skimmer scans the information and the data contained in it is stolen. Most often, fake keypads or small cameras record the consumer entering their PIN.

The Enterprises television show encourages readers to regularly check bank and credit card statements for unaccounted for debits and/or charges. If the merchant has installed new chip-based card readers use them. It may take an extra few seconds, but those few seconds will save the consumer a vast of amount time in trying to clear up ID theft and financial data issues.

American supermarket chains and all merchants should be aggressive in replacing the older “swipe the stripe” card machines with “dip the chip” machines. One instance of financial data theft from a card skimmer at a local store can wreak havoc for the consumer and the merchant. Protect your personal data vigorously and request favorite merchants do their part too.