Friday, December 11, 2015

Enterprises TV Reviews Small Business Trends in the New Year

Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy. They face challenges that larger companies brush off, and still thrive. The New Year promises to bring obstacles to the smaller business owner and entrepreneurs, which Enterprises TV reviews below.

Customer service will always be one of the main concerns for businesses of any size. For the smaller enterprise, it becomes imperative to be on top of any and every consumer comment. The American consumer is more informed and aware of good versus bad business operations. They are more likely to avoid the businesses they find lacking in ethics. Consumers are not easily persuaded to spend with coupons or discounts. Small businesses must be transparent in their relationship with the American consumer if they want to keep their relationship strong.

Data hacks and cyber attacks will still be issues that affect every company. Small businesses and entrepreneurs must remain vigilant every day, and take every step to protect customer data. Vendors are also responsible for maintaining secure databases, as business operations are networked.

Enterprises TV relays that mobile-friendly websites are a necessity in the New Year. The number of times we click a link for a business that does not roll out on a tablet or smartphone quickly is business lost. Consumers will abandon the website that is not mobile-friendly.  Google required websites to be more mobile friendly earlier in the year. A mobile-friendly website that loads fast is given priority over one that is not when searched for on the world’s number one search engine.

Finally, small businesses that employ a strong sense of ethics and participate in socially responsible activities are more likely to be patronized than those that are not. To note, one popular US rock band and one major US hotel chain abandoned activities relating to African trophy hunting in recent months. Actions such as these score high with socially conscious consumers, and the band and the hotel chain gain more fans and business than those that do not.

Consumers can be fickle. The small business that keeps the consumer in mind every day will likely gain their loyalty and their hard-earned dollar.