Friday, December 4, 2015

Enterprises TV Relays Tips for Outsourcing

Small businesses can save time and money by outsourcing specific office tasks. Enterprises TV shares some tips for outsourcing.

The best way to determine which tasks to contract out is to know which ones take the most time to perform. Accounting, hiring, marketing, or any other task that is not within a specific field of expertise are the best ones to consider.

Find the best platform for the work. There are several online freelance and contracting sites that specialize in different field and for different skills.  Small business owners may also want to consider local hiring firms which can manage every aspect of the hiring and payroll process.

When choosing the top five to 10 applicants of the many that will submit resumes for the job, be sure to note their skill level, years of experience, how they better themselves socially and professionally, and make notes about their personality. Do you think this person will get along with the staff working with them?

Enterprises TV suggests to be aware of applicant warning signs such as asking about pay before the job tasks are discussed. Be clear about the work schedule with contractors. Do you want them to be available during your regular business hours? Do you expect them to be available when you call, even after business hours? Job descriptions for outsourced work should be clear and concise.  Be transparent when listing the job as freelance, contract, or part-time work.

These tips should help entrepreneurs and small business owners in finding the best outsourced work.