Monday, March 9, 2015

Enterprises TV and Shrinking Work Space

open work space

Some American business planning services estimate that office work space shrink to 151 square feet within two years. Enterprises TV explains why the average amount of work space keeps shrinking.

Blame the recession as to why companies are making work spaces smaller and creating more open floor plans. Business owners are renting less office space in order to save money. Employees sometimes share desks or work spaces on separate shifts. Some companies create an open floor plan, sometimes called a “smart work space”. These are created to inspire workers to collaborate and create together. Individual offices are being removed or are redesigned to function as conference rooms and tele-conference rooms. The corner office is becoming a relic of the past.

The Enterprises TV show has been watching the trend in offices change, from one where it is a formal building, desks and cubicles, to a more flexible environment. Workers can work from almost anywhere today with a tablet or laptop and wireless connection. There is less need for a proper desk. Flexible work schedules and work spaces are appreciated by many workers.  Need to reduce office real estate to save some money? Shrink cubicle sizes to a comfortable amount of space, and let workers who can do their jobs from anywhere free to do that. Everyone will win.