Thursday, March 5, 2015

Enterprises TV Reviews How to Determine a Good Charity from a Bad One

There are hundreds if not thousands of charities which ask for donations. How can one tell if a one charity is better at another when it comes to dispersing donations to those affected? Enterprises TV reviews how to determine a good charity from a bad one.

The general rule of thumb is to do your homework before making a donation to any charitable cause.  Two good sites to visit are and

Keep these thoughts in mind before making a cash or check donation:
  • Beware of telemarketing companies soliciting donations on behalf of an organization. Most of the time, they give the charitable group less than half of what is raised.
  • Ask questions if someone calls or approaches you on the sidewalk for a donation. How much of the money donated goes to the actual group? Ask for more information such as website to visit so you can look into it more closely.
  • There are many organizations with names which sound similar to a nationally-known group.

The Enterprises TV show also suggests donating to charities you already know. This ensures you that your money is going where you want it to go, and not in the pockets of a telemarketing firm.