Thursday, March 12, 2015

Enterprises TV and the Rise of Women Entrepreneurs

Women-owned businesses are on the rise. Enterprises TV takes a look at where female entrepreneurs can have the most success as a small or medium-sized business owner.

Financial website NerdWallet conducted a study to determine where the best places are for women-owned businesses. It found that overall, the average annual revenue for these establishments was better in smaller metro areas. It used criteria such as percentage of businesses owned by women in the area, the businesses’ revenue and the percentage of those businesses with paid employees. It also factored in the number of businesses per 100 people and the percentage of women with a bachelor’s degree or higher, median income for women in the area, and the unemployment rate of each area. All compiled, the results came back with 10 smaller metro areas where women-owned businesses do the best.

  1. Santa Fe, NM
  2. Boulder, CO
  3. Monroe, Michigan
  4. Racine, WI
  5. Ocean City, NJ
  6. Napa, CA
  7. Washington, DC, Arlington, Alexandria, VA
  8. Barnstable, MA
  9. San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA
  10. Lancaster, PA

The Enterprises TV show also notes that women-owned businesses in Lancaster earned more revenue than any of the other areas. Many of the smaller cities have a large percentage of female business owners, and Ocean City, NJ ranked as the city with the most paid employees. Women wanting to start their own business might want to consider smaller metro areas. America is a great country to be a business owner, and women-owned businesses are on the rise and making a difference.