Monday, February 9, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Offers Another View on Retiring Early

There are some days (maybe even weeks) when the thought of retiring early sounds great. Workers in their early to late 50s may be tinkering with the idea of stopping work soon. While many financial planners urge their clients to keep working until there is enough money is saved, there are some valid reasons to retire from a long career, which the Enterprises TVshow explains.

Middle-aged employees are let go from their jobs for any number of reasons. This can be seen as a blessing in disguise. Early retirement can be beneficial to someone who is discharged from their job.  Reduced work hours and work from home jobs are perfect for someone who is close to retirement age and finds them selves suddenly out of work.

Workers find they need to leave the work force early to care for very elderly parents. This is another common scenario for many Boomers. Retiring early may be needed in order to fully step in and care for older parents. Some employers will allow these staff members to work reduced hours and off-site. This can be a nice break. It gives the worker as caretaker a break from daily stress and adds some extra income to the household budget.

The Enterprises TV show understands there are perfectly valid reasons why some workers take early retirement.  Why not make a plan – both for dreams and finances – and determine how soon you can retirement from full-time work?

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