Friday, February 6, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Examines the State of Job Loyalty

Job loyalty is a concept that seems to be going away these days.  A recent survey found that the strengthening economy is emboldening employees to seek better jobs which pay better. The Enterprises TV show examines the state of job loyalty in the workforce today.

The Jobvite survey found that 45% of workers are ready to leave their current jobs even if they are happy in them. As more jobs are being advertised, people are seeking job which pay better. Two-thirds of those who answered the survey said money was the main factor in leaving a current job for a new one.  Thanks to mobile apps and the ability to apply for a job at any time and place, workers are applying for new positions on the job, during daily commutes and even in business meetings.  Video chat apps such as Skype are also making interviews with prospective new employers easier to obtain.

As the economy improves and more open positions are being posted, workers are relocating where the jobs are.  The top five cities to look for a new job are:

Provo-Orem, Utah
Houston - The Woodlands - Sugar Land, Texas
Raleigh, North Carolina
Salt Lake City, Utah
Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, Arkansas-Missouri

Where does this leave America’s current employers? Enterprises TV suggests offering a pay raise to those who work hard, are loyal and get the job done on a daily basis.  Throw in some perks to sweeten the pot such as flexible hours, work from home days and bonuses when certain goals are reached. Today’s employees are always looking for something better. Job loyalty might be concept from the past.

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