Monday, February 2, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show with Online Account Security Tips

There are many articles written about online security. By now, most people know how to protect all of their email and social accounts. And many more know how to protect financial accounts. But in the event that easy to remember passwords were chosen, the Enterprises TV show offers advice about how to make account nearly hack proof.

Credit and financial institutions want customers to log in online and manage accounts online. This is essentially the most convenient way to get things done. However, there have been some serious hack attacks on some of the nation’s largest banks and credit companies. In this light, there are some very basic steps the public can take to prevent identity theft:

Create a separate email account for financial accounts. Set up a username which indicates nothing personal at all.  Use this email address exclusively.

Change short passwords to longer more complex ones. A complex password is one which is 10 characters made up of small and large letters, numbers, and symbols. Do this for all financial websites used regularly.

If asked to choose security questions, choose false answers. For example: if asked “what grade school did you attend” answer February. This makes it harder for the unscrupulous types to gain access.

The Enterprises TV show suggests exploring the credit monitoring services from personal banks. If something looks suspicious on your financial and credit accounts, notify the bank or credit card company immediately and request credit monitoring and/or a service such as LifeLock. Do whatever possible to keep personal financial and credit card information safe and secure.

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