Monday, January 19, 2015

Enterprises TV on Why Taking Paid Time Off is Important

Recent surveys have found that nearly half of all working Americans do not take a single vacation day every year. There are sound reasons why employees need to take vacation time and Enterprises TV shares what they are.

Hard work and strong work ethic are virtues many workers have. Those who get to work on time, and maybe even a little earlier than the start time, usually begin the day as soon as they sit down. They put in more than 40 hours per week and often are not compensated for the extra time. Some don’t use company paid time off to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Some use a few days they’ve earned and other none at all. Why is this?

Economists note that stagnant wages are one reason why some working Americans don’t use vacation days. Workers in lower paying jobs such as those in retail or the food and beverage industry are not paid enough to afford a vacation and usually are not given paid time off.  The travel website Skift conducted a survey on vacation time and found that 42 percent of American workers do not take one vacation day all year. Employment site Glassdoor found that some workers use only half the time they earn every year. The main reason is employees feel that no one else can do their job. This is followed by some fearing they will fall behind in their work and worry about possible job loss.

Enterprises TV notes that it is beneficial to take some time off from work, and more so when it is earned as it gives the worker some urgently needed down time. Employees who don’t take time off are at risk of developing stress-related health issues such as high blood pressure, risk of stroke and obesity. Take your paid time off America. Your body and mind need it.

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