Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Enterprises TV and How to Stay Focused When Distractions are Abundant

Distractions are abundant in the working world. From phone calls to office visits, it can be challenging to keep on task. Enterprises TV has a few suggestions which might helpful to people who are easily distracted or distracted by others.

Limit the amount of technology used every day. This will reduce the number of devices one has to reply to.

If working in an office with a door, close the door to keep distractions at bay. There will always be people who come in anyway. But the less that happens the more work will be done.

There is a rule that people working in the theater have: leave personal problems outside of the stage door. This rule also works for offices and other places where people are employed, Granted, it is not easy. But it does help one stay focused on the task at hand.

Another thing we at Enterprises TV have learned is that even when there are many distractions throughout the day (email from co-workers, texts from kids, phone calls from schools, etc), it takes a few minutes to become focused again.

Do one task at a time and do it until it is done. Then move on to another task. The work day may be a little easier to manage then.

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