Friday, October 3, 2014

Enterprises TV and How to Find Work after Taking a Leave

It is nice to take some time from the workforce to travel, raise a family or just get a break from it all. But now that it’s over, how does one get back in the career mix? Enterprises TV offers some suggestions about how to find work after taking a leave.

The first step is to clearly define what kind of job one wants. Will it be a part-time job, a full-time job or a telecommuting job? Once this is determined, determine which field to be in. Then, dust off the resume and start fine tuning it for the field. Be sure to explain any gaps in the work history with a brief but clear explanation.

Start networking with old career contacts, former co-workers and others on sites like LinkedIn. Read job ads carefully to find out if the skill set changed. If needed, bone up on newer skills online. There are a plethora of free learning sites on the Internet. One of the good things about taking a leave from the workforce is being able to change a career direction. If this is the case, get busy learning the skills needed and be sure to include any education, free or not, that is taken in the interim. Include it on the resume. The Enterprises TV show knows that if hiring managers see this on a resume, it shows the applicant is serious about getting work in that field.

Don’t take it to heart if rejections come. Just keep working toward the end goal of getting that first job after the leave is over. Be open to feedback, even if it’s not positive and be willing to change a few things. It all works out in the end.

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