Thursday, October 2, 2014

Enterprises TV and How to Avoid Bad Bank Fees

Sometimes, even the most responsible person will incur some bank fees. Enterprises TV shares a few suggestions about how to avoid some of the most common ones.

Overdraft Fees
Overdraft fees are one of the most expensive costs a bank customer can incur. These can happen even if the checking account balance is a few cents less than the minimum requirement. And the fees are stiff: $36.00 is the highest when a leading financial company rated them. To avoid it, set up a test alert if the checking account balance goes below a certain amount. Deposit cash into the account or transfer funds from another account to cover what’s needed.

Stop Payment Fees
This is another high charge that banks levy for a service. Before issuing a stop payment on a check, be sure it has not been cashed yet. Stop payment orders last for only six months and after that they are renewable. The top fee for this service is around $32.00.

Deposit Item Returned Fee
When someone writes a check to someone else and it bounces due to insufficient funds, the check writer and the check receiver are charged around $12.00. To avoid this, ask the person who must pay to get a money order instead. They cost very little and there are no worries about bouncing it.

The Enterprises TV show might also suggest engaging in some bank research before choosing one at random. Believe it or not, the online banks such as Ally and USAA offer totally free checking accounts, provide deposit slips and checks and are usually much more customer friendly than the national branch on the corner.

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