Monday, October 6, 2014

Enterprises TV Discusses the Drop Off of Labor in the U.S.

Every week, the U.S. government releases unemployment data and comments in the labor pool in the country. Last week, the data shows there is decided lack of people re-entering the work force. Enterprises TV takes a look at the reasons why some out of work citizens drop out of the labor pool.

To understand why some workers decide to pursue other avenues, one simply should understand which jobs are available. The average middle-aged senior manager is less likely to be hired due to age and the assumption that the experienced applicant will expect a salary commensurate with his or her experience. The available jobs require less knowledge, skills and experiences than the average laid off worker has accumulated throughout a career. Those who were making a respectable salary before, find that the jobs available are far below their career level and the wages offered far less than what one needs to support themselves.

Enterprises sees the employment participation rate dropped down to 62.7 percent, which is the lowest it has been since the late 1970s. While it is good that the job market is heating up, one must look at the types of jobs which are available. It makes no sense for anyone with a higher education formerly in a middle management position to consider anything less than what they had before. American workers choose to not re-enter the job market because the types and levels of jobs available do not come close to what they were making before. And no one wants to take a job that is below their skills and experience. It is just as easy to drop out of the work force and find a new way to bring income into the home.

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