Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Enterprises TV Shares How to Prevent Personal Images from Being Hacked

(never choose to stay signed in)

In light of the recent iPhone hacking of photos stolen from celebrity smart phones and posted on the Internet, Enterprises TV shares how to prevent personal images from being hacked.
It’s simple, really. Do not save any images to Cloud-related storage sights such as iCloud or on any other server that one does not personally own. If photos are taken on smart phones, download and save them to a personal hard drive and then delete them from the phone. iPhone users can prevent theft of personal images by:

Go to Settings, then select iCloud, then Photos and then switch off “My Photo Stream”.  This same option must be turned off on all other devices too.

Users who back up photos on iCloud should know that it uploads the photos from “My Photo Stream” to iCloud and pushes them all to the user’s other connected devices.

For those who want to delete the photos forever on an iPhone:
Select Photos, then Albums and then “My Photo Stream”, tap “Select” in the upper right corner and delete the photos. This should get rid of them from “My Photo Stream” and all other devices – except the one the photos were taken on originally.

The Enterprises TV show strongly urges readers to use stronger passwords and use the two-step authorization process for logging in.  This sends the user a code they need to enter when logging in from an unknown computer or unknown device. Every iPhone and smart phone user should take active and aggressive steps to ensure personal images and personal information is kept secure.

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