Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Enterprises TV and the Benefits of Being Let Go

It may be hard to see the benefits of being let go at work, but Enterprises TV finds the silver lining in losing a job. Whether fired or asked to resign, there are some small boons when one is sent packing.

Look at the bright side: if one is not happy at work or does not like their job, being let go can be a relief. The suddenly unemployed worker now has the time to find a job better tailored to their skill set or with an employer they want to work with. Those who are asked to resign may walk out the door with a nice severance package which might include having their health benefits paid for at least for a few months.  The downside to resigning – whether asked to or a decision made on one’s own – is that the non-working person might not be able to collect unemployment compensation. But don’t let that be a deterrent to accepting a request to resign. Ask and negotiate for several months pay with company paid benefits. And be sure to read all documentation before signing anything.

More benefits of being let go might include working freelance at home while searching for a better employment opportunity, taking free online courses on skills needed to upgrade (good to add to a resume), and reconnecting on professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn. The Enterprises TVshow realizes that being let go can be a real shock to some people. But it can also be a time to make changes both personally and professionally for the better.  It’s all in how one sees and takes advantage of it.

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