Thursday, September 11, 2014

Enterprises TV Finds More Ways to Save Money Every Month

Building up a savings account or an emergency savings account takes time and patience. But it can be a little easier with a few suggestions we know of and do every month.

Find ways to save at the grocery store. Use coupons or digital codes at every opportunity. Check the receipt for the total amount saved during that visit to the store. At home, circle the savings and stick the receipt in an envelope. Add up the total saved from each receipt at the end of the month and deposit that into the savings or emergency account. Enterprises TV suggests checking all receipts for the savings amount.

How much money do you need on the weekend for grocery shopping, movies, dinner out or other events? Withdraw that amount in cash and use it instead of debit or credit cards. Deposit the remaining cash in the savings account.

Never pay full price for anything. There are so many ways to save and pocket the extra. This works when shopping the sales at department stores. Save the amount saved to the emergency or other savings account.

Use a reward-based credit card and opt for cash back. Or use the points on the card toward something pricey and pocket the money saved from not spending it at a big box electronics store. The Enterprises TV show believes these strategies will work in and spur the reluctant saver to save even more.

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