Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Enterprises TV Shares a Few Off the Flight Path Travel Apps

Traveling can be rough, frustrating and exhausting these days with packed flights, entitled passengers long customs lines and rising fares.  Fortunately, Enterprises TV learns of some useful travel apps which aim to alleviate the most troublesome issues.

AirHelp – This is an app which connects travelers with a  group of lawyers who help those whose flights were delayed or cancelled receive compensation for their misfortune. Their attorneys help travelers figure out what their rights are and go to court to fight for them. Most of the cases they’ve tried resulted in an average reward of $600 for the traveler.

Mobile Passport Control – U.S. Customs goes digital and makes international travel easier. U.S. and Canadian citizens can create a profile with their passport info. For each trip, they select their flights, take a selfie and answer customs questions directly in the app. It then spits out a QR coded receipt to present to the customs officer. While this app only works in the Atlanta, GA airport now, it should be available later around the country at major airports. Until then, international passengers can sign up for the Global Entry program and whisk through this part of travel.

Flight Tonight – Need a last minute flight from your home airport? Want to know which flights are available at the last minute for an affordable fare? The app aggregates cheap fares from home airports, books the chosen flight through the airline and travel site and takes a standard agency commission for the referral. The Enterprises TV show believes these apps might make travel a little less cumbersome and trouble-free.

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