Friday, September 12, 2014

Enterprises TV on Why Some Companies Employ a Dress Code

Almost everyone has their own idea about what “business casual” is. Some may think it means very casual pants and a shirt with flip flops and others may think it is a nice pair of slacks, a blouse or polo shirt for men and proper dress shoes. Enterprises TV explains why some companies employ a dress code.

Many businesses already have a dress code. The strictness of the dress code depends on the type of business it is. And some businesses enforce the dress code while others let it slide. Some ignore it altogether. In any of these situations, employees should know there are specific no-no’s: no flip flops, no torn jeans, no t-shirts,  no braless tops or dresses, no sundresses, no letting shirttails hang out of pants  and no shorts to name a few. Yet, this type of dress is often worn in offices in warmer climates.

Dress codes are created and instituted for a reason – to keep a modicum of professionalism in the workplace. Employees wear their own clothing and shoes which fit within the guidelines of the code. When they are asked to replace one item of clothing with something that is more “standardized”, the dress codes becomes more of a work uniform. Work uniforms should be paid for by the company. A clear example of this is Wal-Mart asking employees to wear blue shirts with a collar from now on. If they want all associates to look the same, they should provide the item of clothing they want to change. And they can certainly afford it. The Enterprises TV show suggests corporate and business leaders review  the company dress code to ensure the workforce is following it. Professional attire often gives in to professional behavior in the office.

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