Sunday, August 24, 2014

Enterprises TV Asks: Are You a Thief? Most of us are.

Enterprises TV has the goods on you, you thief, you!  The odds are pretty good that you just winced from that, because there is a little, tiny bit of petty larceny ... usually very petty ... that most of us are guilty of.  There is usually no blow-back from these almost unconscious acts, except when you are applying for an important job or something involving a security clearance, when they haul out the polygraph test.  Then, you need to carefully think back about whether you ever stole anything -- anything at all.  And the truth is, most of us have.  We're not saying that you are a crook or that everyone who makes off with an office supply that isn't truly theirs should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  There is, after all, such a thing as human nature.

Enterprises TV has learned that it is widely accepted that each of us has stolen something in our lifetime.

The Enterprises TV show has come across a list of minor items that most of us have pilfered at some time or another.  Starting with pens.  Who hasn't "borrowed" a pen and walked away with it?  Who hasn't used a pen at work and had the line between work property and our own just blur a bit too much?  And many of us have packed hotel amenities into our suitcases and made off with them, including full towel sets, but also counting shampoo, conditioner, shower caps and local guides.  Restaurants aren't immune, with napkins, condiments and packets of sugar or sugar-substitute.  These tiny thefts cost some restaurants almost $1 million a year.  It all adds up.  The list also included stealing a place in line or a parking spot, but that may be getting just a bit too holier-than-thou to worry about.

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