Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Enterprises TV Explores Ways to Keep Working after Age 65

The traditional age to retire from full-time work is age 65. But many Americans find they need to keep working until age 70 or beyond to ensure they have enough money saved for those golden after work years. Enterprises TV explores ways people can keep working after age 65.

For those in the workforce who have built strong careers and are soon to reach retirement age, working a little longer can add to retirement savings. However, there are some challenges to working longer.

Technology changes all the time and the older worker must not only know it, but must be able to master it and teach it to the younger employees. This means staying on top of what’s new.

Skills also change with the times. The skills needed in marketing have changed dramatically over the years, for example. Today’s marketing professional must be proficient in all forms of digital advertising and social media. Fortunately, there are many resources for learning these at home.

The Enterprises TV show encourages readers to find ways to make working past the retirement age of 65 enjoyable and rewarding. For many, this can be mentoring a younger worker, moving into a consultant-type job, and even working part-time from home. Employers who keep older workers on the job gain their knowledge and experience. These are valuable and useful assets most businesses appreciate.

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