Saturday, August 23, 2014

Enterprises TV Asks: When Is Excess Too Excessive?

We at Enterprises TV believe in freedom of expression and personal choice.  But those exercising these innate rights must remember the rights of those around them, as well.  Take the case of Rolf Buchholz, a German man who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the most-pierced man in the world.  This gentleman sports 453 piercings, many of them in his facial region, perfectly visible to all who he may encounter.  Mr. Buchholz was hired to appear at the nightclub in the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai which, like its counterpart venue in London, specializes in presenting its clients with the sensational and unusual.  Sadly, he never made it to his engagement.  Customs authorities would not let him into the country, feeling from his appearance that he looked like he might be a terrorist.

Enterprises TV looks at a man who has taken the fringe route right to the end of the road.

The Enterprises TV show realizes that there are those who would assert that Mr. Buchholtz's rights have been violated.  He should be free to express himself in his chosen fashion.  But is freedom not a 2-way street?  Are the observers not free to be uncomfortable with the hostile exterior he presents to the world?  There was a time when those who chose to be covered with tattoos and piercings would practice discretion and keep them below the neck level so that their chosen countenance was not visible under regular clothing.  These days, folks of this persuasion think nothing of carrying the markings and body modification to every area of their bodies, whether plainly visible or not.  Tattoos, piercing studs, nose rings, earlobe rims, aggressive hair styles -- there seems to be no boundary any more.  That, of course, is their right.  But so is it the right of nearby observers to be cautious in dealing with these people.  The person has chosen the impression they wish to project to the public, one of shock and revulsion.  So how can they expect the public to react otherwise?

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