Monday, July 7, 2014

Enterprises TV Reports on How to Block Online ID Thieves

More so now than ever before, it pays to be vigilant when using Wi-Fi in public hotspots, when shopping online and when logging in anywhere outside of the home. Enterprises TV reminds readers how to block online ID thieves.

First and foremost, it is imperative that we regularly review our credit reports for accuracy. If something fraudulent is on them, report it immediately to the credit bureau that listed it. We should also always check financial accounts to be sure nothing suspicious is happening.  Phishing occurs more often than we think it does. Always keep in mind that banks do not send email notes to customers asking for their personal information. Neither do investment companies, utility companies or telecommunication companies.

If something suspicious is found, call the credit reporting agency and ask them to place a credit lock, not a freeze, on the account. A freeze blocks the credit report from everyone, including potential employers and other lenders.

Enterprises TV suggests never using an email address as a user name for credit or financial accounts. These can be easily guessed and money can be transferred out of your account. Be aware of who is near you when using a credit or debit card at a POS (point of sale) terminal in the store. If someone is too close, ask them to step back. If they balk, let them go ahead of you. In today’s very digital world, it is vital to know how to block online ID thieves.

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