Monday, July 7, 2014

Enterprises TV Asks: What Is the Real Purpose of Speed Traps?

While Enterprises TV respects and applauds the difficult, hazardous work done by uniformed law enforcement officers across the nation, when it comes to speed traps, there's definitely something malicious going on.  If the authorities wanted to make highways a safer place, they would be on the lookout for drivers executing dangerous, arrogant maneuvers in front of terrified, innocent drivers -- examples of which can be found every day on every road.  Instead, police resources are put into the "speed trap", a concept that is as nefarious as its name implies.  It's about revenue for local coffers, far more than for public safety.  Located around an innocuous bend in the road and frequently just past a sudden posted speed change, this is a blatant grab for your wallet dressed up in fresh police uniforms.  It's all about low-hanging fruit; the easy bust.

Enterprises TV delves into the real reason for speeding tickets.

The Enterprises TV show points out that technology has upped the game of the police.  While there are still stationary radar traps, more often, the job is done by rolling radar on board police cars that are cruising down the highway, often unmarked.  Airborne officers watch the traffic below and time how long it takes cars to pass two painted markings on the pavement in order to calculate the speed, alerting police vehicles patrolling below.  And new "lidar" technology, using very accurate lasers that act as radar systems, will track and lock onto a target vehicle even as it weaves in and out of traffic.  Of course, the worst offenders are the "red light cameras", which were initially intended to stop people from running red lights -- a perfectly laudable intent.  But municipalities soon became intoxicated by the revenue that these systems brought in.  They got greedy, and insisted in prosecuting every miniscule infraction they could see on the screen.  Safe driving is a goal we must all strive for, but the path to righteousness does not lie in turning law enforcers into vicious predators.

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