Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Enterprises TV on How to Deal with a Travel Disruption

The sudden and unexpected cancellation of flights to and from Israel in light of the ongoing war there leaves many business and pleasure travelers in a lurch. How does one manage a travel disruption when they need to get home from a far away country? Enterprises TV has some suggestions.

Business travelers might have the luxury of using a company-paid credit card to re-book another flight on another airline out of the country where they are stranded. Pleasure travelers might not have the same option. Booking a ticket on another airline that is not cancelling flights is very costly. There are options available to people who wish to travel far from home and in countries where civil strife is rampant.

Travel insurance covers many things such as lost or damaged luggage and change of airlines and flights in case of civil unrest. American Embassies can be helpful for travelers stuck overseas. Major credit card companies like American Express and Citibank can also be helpful for cardholders and even have travel-related services for members.

The Enterprises TV show suggests travelers download apps and international phone numbers for their airlines, credit card companies and travel insurance companies before leaving the United States. American airline companies may offer a travel voucher to re-route passengers or offer a full refund for travel. There are many options for people whose travel has been disrupted. Be sure to research all options.

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