Monday, July 21, 2014

Enterprises TV with Suggestions on Alternative Methods of Rewarding Employees

What does a company do when the vast majority of its staff receives commissions and the rest do not? Does the company offer any incentive to retain loyal, hard-working employees? Enterprises TV offers suggestions about how to reward employees who are not on commission.

A small percentage of American businesses are employing a salary review process where workers may receive a quarterly raise. Others offer no annual or semi-annual performance review and no pay raises. So how is a worker supposed to know how well they are doing if there are no reviews? And how does it make them feel when there is no incentive to do better?

Companies who cannot afford to give raises can offer non-financial rewards for hard-working staff such as flex time, work from home two or three days a week, or even gifts cards for gas and groceries. Businesses which can give employees financial rewards might want to find a way to reward everyone and not just those who make a commission on a sale. The Enterprises TVshow learns there are some small tech companies which reward employees financially every quarter for a job well done. Take time to meet today with managers to find a way to reward employees who consistently meet goals and work hard. Almost every worker deserves some type of performance reward whether it a raise, bonus or the opportunity to tele-commute two or three times a week.

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