Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Enterprises TV Looks at the Sneaky Things One Can Do with Google Glass

Enterprises TV poses this question:  when you are at the bank or in a checkout line and you are entering your bank account's pin number on the key pad, you wouldn't stand for someone sticking a camera over your hand and recording your key strokes, would you?  Well, the world just got a little more complex, because now you have to worry about someone wearing a Google Glass frame, as it too, can shoot video footage.  We wouldn't think of someone's glasses recording everything they're pointed at, but that's the point of Google Glass.  There are some paranoid individuals who are using the system to record every encounter they have each day, much like someone uses a dashboard camera to record everything that happens in front of a car, in case it's ever needed for insurance or police purposes.

Enterprises TV notes that our society isn't yet ready for a world where everyone around you could be recording.

The Enterprises TV show has some even worse news to share:  the perpetrator in the above-mentioned scenario doesn't even need a clear look at the keypad.  Software has been developed to map the position of the victim's fingers according to the shadow they cast.  The "key" to this technology is that the keys on the pad are universally arranged the same way, so subtle clues like shadows can tell a much bigger tale.  It's sad, but the dark side of technology is threatening every convenient, time- and labor-saving invention we have thought of.  If only there was technology that could put evildoers in their place.  Inventors, there's your next challenge.

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