Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Enterprises TV with Tips for Judging a Job Offer

Nothing can make one feel better than a good job offer. But how can we judge if it is really good or not? Enterprises TV shares some tips on how to judge a job offer.

It is essential to be able to evaluate a job offer before jumping at the opportunity as there are many aspects to one which are both unknown and known.

The salary – Know the salary range for your job, level of experience and location.  Don’t just pick a random salary range because it sounds good.  Do your homework.

Paid Time Off – It is okay during salary discussions to ask what the company’s paid time off policy is. When is a new hire allowed to take vacation time? This is important because some businesses do not let new hires take time off for one year. How many days off are given? Do the days after holidays count as paid time off? Again, some companies take the day after Thanksgiving off and deduct it from the worker’s time off balance. Ask before signing the employment contract.

Benefits – Does the company offer health and dental insurance? How much does the employee have to pay in monthly premiums? Does the company pay their part of the bill on time or will you find out insurance is cancelled when you make an appointment with the doctor. Does the company offer a retirement plan? Do they match your contribution up to a certain amount?

Other factors – The Enterprises TV suggests finding out how family friendly the employer is before accepting a job. For example, can you leave at 5 to pick a child up from daycare or is that frowned upon?

Ask for a detailed job description before accepting any position. What may sound really great in person or via email can turn out to be something entirely different when you get into the day to day aspects of the job. Always know what you’re getting into before signing on the dotted line.

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