Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Enterprises TV on Why Working for Free Can Be Beneficial

Sometimes, one has to do some work that does not pay in order gain credibility or to build a good business reputation. Enterprises TV explains why working for free can be beneficial.

Let us start by saying that no one really wants to put in a bunch of hours to produce something and not get paid for the effort and finished product. But sometimes, it has to be done.  Freelancers sometimes have to write a few blogs or articles for free in order to gain experience and/or credibility.  These can be how to blogs, interviews with compelling people for a specific website, or something else. The point is to gain clout so they next gigs are paid.

There are caveats to this type of work though. The Enterprises TV show learns that there are nefarious “businesses” out there which take advantage of writers and other creative types. There are also companies which ask for more writing samples than they really need and never intend to hire. Nonetheless, a legitimate work for free gig can result in a respectable paid work. And don’t forget that getting paid “in kind” is a way to get paid. This blogger has been paid in cool t-shirts for several interviews conducted and published on a few organizations’ websites, and also been published by a respected publication (online and in print) for no pay. What you get is credibility and experience. And sometimes, that can be more valuable than a paycheck.

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