Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Enterprises TV with Job Applicant Interview Tips for Managers

Job applicants find the interview process unnerving. So much rides on how well it goes, knowing something about the company and job, and presenting oneself well. Yet, there is little advice for those who are tasked with doing the interviewing. Enterprises TV offers some tips for managers conducting job interviews to help find the best candidate.

First, realize that first impressions are not the best way to judge a candidate’s ability to do the advertised job. They often arrive feeling nervous and are still a little rattled by the drive to get there. Instead, focus on the interview itself and what qualities are needed for the job.

Introduce yourself and give a brief overview of the job. Ask what motivated the candidate to apply for the job to determine if it’s just salary or something else. Ask the applicant to give a brief overview of their jobs and tasks that are comparable to the one which is open. One of the best questions to ask is what the person is looking for in a new job.

Remain objective. Try not to judge the other person on what they’re wearing or how competent they seem. Throw out your first impression and really listen to what they are saying. Too many good candidates are rejected because the first impression was wrong.

The Enterprises TV show suggests asking questions which point to achievements the candidate reached in other positions. Look for upward movement on the resume and ask why the person changed jobs before. Ask a problem solving question about the open position and listen to how the candidate would handle the process of resolving it. Often, the process of how a problem is resolved is more important than it actually being solved. Finally, reevaluate the first impression. Maybe, just maybe, this is the best candidate for the job. Don’t wait to offer the job.

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