Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Benefits of a Four Day Work Week from Enterprises TV

Four day work weeks are great for everyone. While the days may seem longer, it is beneficial to have the extra day off to distress and decompress. Enterprises TV reviews the benefits of four day work weeks.

More work gets accomplished when the staff works a steady four days. Productivity increases, employees come in earlier and hammer away at what need to be done. Sick days tend to dwindle off as people realize they don’t need to take a paid day off to de-stress. Consider this: many Americans put in more than 40 hours of week at work. This leads to stress-related health issues, exhaustion, mental breakdowns and other debilitating medical problems. The shorter work week often leads to a more balanced life altogether. The Enterprises TV show learns that those who do have a shorter work week, or at least some type of flex time in their work schedule are happier, more creative and productive. And the key to getting and retaining top talent is to allow a little flexibility at work. All work and no relaxation time makes tired, unhappy employees who want to flee for the job that does allow four day work weeks or more work at home time. American employers are encouraged to bring the idea of a shorter work week to staff. This too will lead them to be more loyal.

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