Thursday, June 12, 2014

Enterprises TV Looks at How the World Cup Affect Local Economies

(Manaus, Brazil at sunset)

As soccer fans prepare to watch the month-long World Cup from their homes and sports bars, some fans will travel to a remote city in Brazil to see it in person. Enterprises TV takes a look at how the World Cup affects local economies.

Manaus, Brazil, is a city located in the Amazon of Brazil. Its population is about 2 million. The city is surrounded by miles and miles of rainforest. The country’s economy is improving and Brazilians are feeling a little better. It is considered a free trade zone where business tax incentives are good, and it’s a starting point for Eco-tourists to explore the rainforest. It even has a brand new sports stadium which cost Brazil $300 million dollars. It goes without saying that the city hopes get a huge boost from the widely popular sporting event.

Sports stadiums actually do very little to boost local economies over the long run. They are usually hit with over budget costs, lack of funding for security and inadequate transportation to and from the event. The Enterprises TV show learns that countries which host major sporting events want to show the World their city, show off their culture and gain more respect as a tourist destination. Brazil is a large country with a strong national soccer team. It has two beautiful tourist spots – São Paolo and Rio. It now adds Manaus to the list. It is yet to be seen how the World Cup will affect this city’s revenue. Hopefully, it will raise the city up as a cool, new destination for those who want to explore the natural beauty of the rainforest. 


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