Monday, June 16, 2014

Enterprises TV on How to Stay Connected Overseas

If you are thinking of traveling overseas this summer, there are many ways to stay connected with friends and family without wracking up huge data and roaming charges. Enterprises TV reviews some of the better ways to keep in touch.

Fortunately in today’s digitally connected world, it is not only easy but affordable to reach out and let loved ones know all is well. Skype, an instant messaging, voice and video calling program gives users and easy and affordable way to connect. When both parties are using Skype, voice and video calls are free. Calls to landlines and cell phones require Skype credit, which is inexpensive. The credit costs a few cents per minute, compared to international roaming charges which can run up to $3 per minute. The most efficient way to use Skype credit is to check voicemail on cell phones or call loved ones to tell them to log onto Skype for a free video call. This is a great way to connect and keep in touch when far from home.

Take time before you depart to research What’s App, Google Hangouts, and Viber. These online programs are also easy to use for keeping in touch. Of course, Facebook is one of the easiest ways to update everyone. Enterprises suggests using one of the other apps if someone you know is not on it. Something else to consider: use your smart phone’s airplane mode to check email or check city maps. This gives you access to Wi-Fi without incurring huge data usage charges. Whichever method of communication you choose, always stay connected when traveling overseas.

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