Monday, June 30, 2014

Enterprises TV on Reaching Retirement Goals

Those who are in their 40s and 50s can still have a good retirement if they re-think retirement goals today. Enterprises TV explains.

One of the dreams of retirement might be that the first day of it often feels like the last day of school.  We wake up and smile knowing we that we report to no one, do not have to be on anyone else’s strict schedule and can do whatever we want. This is usually when new retirees plan something that can blow an after-living budget right out of the door. If we think differently about how to reach retirement goals now while we are still working, then that big blow out event might not be as budget-breaking.

There are many reason why some of us withdraw money from our retirement accounts:  daily living expenses after a job loss, major medical bills, and a significant home improvement are just a few of the reasons. Enterprises TV explains a different way think about retirement saving and spending. Instead of taking an around-the-world cruise, go on a one week cruise now to see if it is something to be pursued on a longer timetable. Find less expensive alternatives to those really big retirement plans. Save a little more now monthly into retirement and other financial accounts in order to have a pleasant retirement later. Reaching retirement goals will not seem as daunting if taken in small, more manageable steps.

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