Friday, June 27, 2014

Enterprises TV on Protecting Personal Privacy Rights

The US Supreme Court ruled in favor of personal privacy rights this week.  Law enforcement cannot search personal digital devices for data without a search warrant. While this ruling is great for US citizens, Enterprises TV encourages readers to take steps to protect their privacy online and with smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Cell phones and other digital devices are used every day for almost everything we do. We use them for nearly everything from making a phone call to personal banking. They can take and send images to anyone. We visit the Internet on them. It is our responsibility to protect our devices from hackers and others with not so altruistic intentions.  There are many ways in which we can keep nefarious individuals out of our personal business: malware and spyware checkers and by using strong user names and passwords which we change monthly. Enterprises TV realizes that constantly changing the user name and password for some accounts can be a real nuisance. But in order to keep our private information private, we sometimes need to foil those who are trying to break in. The popular device platforms have software to download which can block nosy intruders. Take time to find the best option for all digital devices and be aggressive about protecting personal privacy.

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