Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Storm Prep Suggestions for Small Business Owners from Enterprises TV

Storm season is on a roll and we’re only one month into it. Heavy rain and strong, gusty wind can greatly affect the small business owner who is not prepared. Enterprises TV offers some preparation suggestions.

Heavy rain in a short amount of time can cause localized flooding in parking lots and at the curb. This is how many small businesses become flooded when a strong storm is in the neighborhood. To keep the floodwater out, stock up on sandbags before storm season. Keep them stored in a cool, dry place until needed. Stack in front of the door or a few feet away if wanting to stay open during bad weather.

Keep an eye on storm drains in the parking lot or near any curbs. These often become clogged with debris. Use a rake or shovel to clear the debris out.

Let non-essential employees head home early if storm warnings are in place. Safety should be one of the first issues to consider. Once the leading edges of storms start moving in, traffic become hectic and the weather worsens.

Move any racks away from the doors and windows. Back up all computer files. If closing the business is imminent, move as many racks and small display stands to the storage room. Enterprises TV also encourages small business owners to be aware of changing weather conditions and be sure to close and secure the business with enough time to get home safely.

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