Thursday, June 19, 2014

Enterprises TV on Protecting Yourself from ID Theft

Nearly everyone knows how to be careful with their personal information these days. Yet, 16.6 million people were victimized by the crime, which resulted in $24.7 billion in financial losses paid by consumers, companies and credit card companies. Enterprises TV takes time to suggest ways of protecting yourself from ID theft.

Military members and veterans are particularly susceptible to ID theft. Many are conditioned to give personal information when asked. There are also numerous so-called businesses which prey on them, offering a discount for something if the individual releases some personal information like a credit card number of Social Security Number. In order to be better protected from the shysters who take advantage of them, we suggest be wary of anyone outside of the military who asks for personal info.  Ask the person requesting the information questions about why they need that data. If it sounds suspicious, it probably is.

Medical information is another way unscrupulous companies can get and use personal information. The Enterprises TV show learns this type of theft has increased 20% within the past year. More than 2 million people have been affected. Here’s what happens: a thief with access to your personal information can create a fake ID with your name on it, and they suddenly become you making appointments with hospitals and doctors’ offices. Soon, the bills start arriving and you become worried. Medical files are usually managed by third parties and anyone involved from the doctor’s staff to the third party vendor can get a hold of personal data. When setting up a new patient file with the doctor, don’t enter your Social Security Number. It’s your right to not give it out.

Protect yourself from ID theft by being extra cautious and more skeptical of anyone who asks for personal information or validation of financial accounts.

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