Friday, June 20, 2014

Enterprises TV on Making the Work-Life Balance Better for Men

It is usually the women who are written about when it comes to a work-life balance. Between taking care of the kids and job responsibilities, women seem to be the most vocal. Enterprises TV takes a look at how men handle their everyday priorities.

While the balance of chores at home is becoming a little more even between men and women, men may feel like they aren’t doing enough, or are told they need to do more. This can lead to frustration and fighting. In that light, we want to offer tips on how to make it better for them.

Employers and colleagues need to know that men have families and need to be there for them. When they have to leave a little earlier to pick kids up, take one to the doctor or attend a special event, don’t give them grief about it.  Give them the time needed to do what they need to without making comments.

Couples can get together once week and go over the weekly calendar. Make it more fun with a glass of wine. Don’t get wrapped up in details. Talk about what didn’t work last week and how to make it work this week. Be careful to not assign blame when something doesn’t get done.

Turn technology off, guys. We know your boss expects you to be on call 24/7, but that is not realistic with a family and outside interests. Make time to tune out, go play sports with some buddies and do other man things. It’s okay to say no to some requests.

The Enterprises TV show suggests setting priorities for family and self. Everyone has their own favorite things to do. Work out what has to be done on Sunday and plan to set time aside for yourself during the week. Household chores can be split evenly. Validate each other’s needs and wants. And don’t forget to spend time with each other too.

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